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Question 1: What is your name?

Question 2: How old are you?

Question 3: What school are you in?

Question 4: What grade are you in?

Question 5: Who is your teacher?

Question 6: Since when were you on this school?

Question 7: Which is your favorite subject?

Question 8: What is the subject that you think you should improve on?

Question 9: What attributes do you work?

Question 10: Do you judge people by their academic ability?

Question 11: Are you in any academy?

Question 12: Do you think you are a good classmate? Why?

Question 13: What do you like the most about the school?

6th grade Chosen Student: Florentina Cabrera Arias

Answers: 1 Florentina Cabrera Arias

2- I am 12 years old

3- Instituto Anglo Britanico Campus Cumbres

4- 6th grade

5- Claudia Gabriela Luna PĂ©rez

6- Since 4th grade

7- Civics

8- World History

9- Communicator

10- Nope.

11- Photography

12- Yes, because I help my classmates if they have any problem.

13- I like the way they teach and I also like my friends and classmates.