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our group of madison college stretch the ties with his community and perform events like the Family Day, Kerm├ęs, intercollegiate sports, Grandfathers Day, Mothers and Fathers Day, and its objective is to create space of convivence with its integrants.

Also, with the purpose to form a educative, update, and inform community, we offer a series of conferences during the scholar cycle, taught by renowned specialist in the topics of integral formation and family topics, seeking to involve the parents in the educational process of the students.

In relation to academic part, every year the cultural week is realized, in which each group inquires about a country framed by United Nations Day, and also students have various activities related to culture such as mine workshops, storytelling, theater plays, exhibitions. Also in that week an altar is mounted to commemorate the day of Dead, offered to a character who has stood of out for his career.

To culminate, the first week of November takes place the Book Fair where several important publishers come to the school and are exposed. Parents are invited of these events so that they can see how their kids work on every event.

Conscientious of the importance of instilling and promoting civics in their students, in Madison schools the Honors to the Flag is held every week where they actively participate. His Escort and commemorate the most important historical dates such as, for example, the Revolution, Independence, Flag Day.

International events

to be a IB college, the madison college promove and encourage the develop on the students international mentality through over all the activities, not only inside of classrooms, looking for them to participate in international events.