The Scene Magazine The Scene Magazine - June 2018 - Page 38

FREE PUBLIC NOTICES • www. SceneOnLine .BiZ OA (Overeater’s Anonymous) a fellowship of individuals who through shareing their experience, strength, and hope, are recovering from compulsive overeating, by working a 12 step program. No dues, No Fees, No diets, No weigh ins. Meetings are held on Fridays at 1:30 -2:30pm at St Andrews Episcopal Church in Colton Hall, 2301 Deltona Blvd.Spring Hill FL. More info: WSO (world service org.) 505-891-2664. Old Spring Lake Community Center & Camp; Historic Museum at 4184 Spring Lake Hwy, the building is now available to use special events. Also the museum is open on the 2nd and 4th Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. For more info on use of the building call 352-457-1390 or 352-754-1803. Orchid Lover’s Club of Spring Hill. June 16, 1 PM. Location: VFW 18940 Drayton St., Spring Hill Fl 34610. There will be a guest speaker and a raffle. Refreshments will be served. Info: 727-514-4230 OSIA Nature Coast Lodge #2502 - A fraternal and social lodge. Monthly Dinner/Business meeting on the 4th Thurs. @ 5:30 pm @ St. Theresa Catholic Church, Rosmini Hall, 1107 Comm. Way, S.H., FL Social: 2nd Wed. 3 Dinner/Dances, Scholarship, Columbus Day & \X\ˈ \8&\^H[KX\ Y]H[\ [X[XۚXˈB[[ۜ\ܝ[\]Y\ ۜܜ[][X[[\H YX\H\ˈY[X\\\[[HYYHو][X[\]YHš[H LM NN ̋XHΈ]\H\H L PBݙ\Y\\HZ] X\Y^X[X\HXݙ\Hܛ\܈Y[ۛHY[]HY[^X[HX\Y\H[\YY[\Y\ܛ\ H[Y]HH[X[]\[X]HH\Z[[[KHYY]YZKY[\\Y X\H[\[H] LMN NMMKY[HZ]X\X][ۈ HXZ]\ [[[܈HX]]Y[X[]H[\\H܈][[ܙK[x&]H[H\[ۋ\^\Y[ܘYX][ۜY[܂XH\X]ܜܘ]H][\ܛ\[[ܙK\\HH[X] L][X\[YYZ\܈ M[\ܛHX][ˈHٙ\X\ۘXH]\[Hۋ\[[Z\Bۙ][ۙY[\ۛY[ [ۙ]YHKQH\XK܈X\B[[[] LMNLM K˜Y[[Zٛ YXKKܙ[[”[[܈ٝ[܈ MH[ݙ\^H\[\ NH\ NK^H ^\\YZ H[ۋY܈K [Y\\^KXXH\’[[H]]Y[[[[[ [ΈXZ[[ K֖HSPUBZ\ۙ][ۚ[ X][[XZ\ [[“X[Y ۙY [\YXˈPN MNM”[\ \XB[[][ۂ(YH\XH[]\Z\¸(YHXۙ[[ۂۈ]\[\˜ޞX[X]KBHXH\[ LBNMNLN QS֖HUTTPT•SSSTTPSQSVT‘PUTS΂SVH܈HQH][HB LB(QKQ](KTY]\¸([KTX[B[\]BYX\\[B NN ]ۘܙ]HHX\\”ۜX[ۂ˘\ۜ[\˘BHH NŒLM LNH8(M ̌[H[H [[  LQUSQUT8(ˈ[Sۓ[H V