The Scene Magazine The Scene Magazine - June 2018 - Page 37

SOD INSTALLATIONS F loratam • B ahia • A ll T ypes of S od • R e -S od O wner O n E very J ob ! LICENSED BONDED INSURED 2 2 Y ears E x p erience Call Jeff for a FREE Estimate 345-2715 www .H ernando S od . com 100% ing Financ Available A Full Service Antenna Company Are nas iness! n e t An ly Bus On u O r 30 - 40 Clear Channels of Reception JUST SAY NO TO CABLE SATELLITE MONTHLY PAYMENTS SAY NO! Call Ray Deforest (352) ANTENNAS Reception Specialist Coaxial Cable Routing High Definition Hook Up & Programing Specialist 596-5411 ANTENNAS OHN SCOTT J Roofing, LLC ANTENNAS V eteran R ebate A vailable Ask For Details ROOF! ROOF! FREE Written Estimates 30 Year Dimen sional Shingl es Hernando Pasco (727) J U N E 2018 S Also Troubleshooting (in most areas) • State Licensed • Bonded • Insured State Lic.# CCC1325704 Licensed in Hernando County Since 1985 (352) HERNANDO ANTENNA SERVICE SPECIALIZING IN LAWN INSTALLATION ANTENNAS SEASONAL SOD SPECIALS! Jeff Weeks • Owner/Operator (2.5 Miles East of US 19) ANTENNAS 13052 County Line Rd • Hudson 34667 ANTENNAS HERNANDO SOD ANTENNAS (352) 754-2710 848-6090 • (352) 447-8050 Citrus w w w .J o h n S c o t t R o o f i n g F l o r i d a . c o m 352-683-2659 • A ll C redit C ards A ccepted VIEW ALL AD RATES • WWW. SceneOnLine .BiZ 37