The Scene Magazine The Scene Magazine - June 2018 - Page 30

FREE PUBLIC NOTICES • www. SceneOnLine .BiZ Hungarian Club - Everyone is invited for dinner and dancing at the Hungarian Club held at Holy Cross Lutheran Church 6193 Spring Hill Drive, Spring Hill, Fl. Enjoy authentic Hungarian food and live entertainment. We will meet again Sept. 2018. If you want further information call Marianne @ 352-688-5642. Illinois Club of Spring Hill meets at 1:00 PM on the second Friday of each month (except July and August) at the Forest Oaks Lutheran Church, 8555 Forest Oaks Blvd in Spring Hill. The object of the club is to promote fellowship and social activities among its members. In addition to the monthly meetings, activities include eating out at a local restaurant each month and group travel opportunities. We welcome anyone who would like to attend our meetings. Call Pat at 352-597-0346 or Dorothy at 352-666- 4241 for more information. Ladies of the British Commonwealth - Meeting Fri, May 25th 11am- 1pm in the Spring Hill Branch/Harold G. Zopp Memorial Library, 9220 Spring Hill Dr. Following our meeting we enjoy High Tea with sandwiches, desserts and of course a pot of hot tea. We warmly welcome all women of British or Commonwealth birth or ancestry, and wives of men with the same ancestry. Check our website for more info or call Ruth at 352-606- 3080. Lighthouse for the Visually Impaired and Blind invites adults & seniors with vision loss to an Arts & Craft Drop-in for the Visually Impaired and Blind, being held on Friday, June 29, 10 to 1, at the Brooksville office, 6492 California St. We will have an exercise class followed by light refreshments. The cost is $3 for supplies. All attendees must provide their own transportation. RSVP by calling 352-754-1132. Our mission is to provide people who are visually impaired and blind with the skills needed to achieve their maximum independence. Learn more at Marine Corps League #708 Spring Hill Detachment invites you to visit the Command Post Bar & Grill. 8405 Sunshine Grove Rd, Brooksville. Open every day at 11AM until the last person leaves. Full menu 7 days a week. Thursday Wing Night special 6 Jumbo Wings for $5 choose your flavor. 6PM on Thursdays Queen of Hearts 6 tickets for $5. Over $7000 to the winner. You do not have be present to win and buy your tickets at anytime. Friday Fish Fry 4PM to 8PM la Y^HوXX[۝[\]]HX˂[]\HY\^H[]\^H LK\ܝ[H[]\[˂“QHT‘”BԂST¸&BSSPTPB\X[Y[[”[Z][HܘYB]H[[[H[“ۛH  M \[“Y][YH\[Y\¸(XH[¸(\[Y[¸(ܚ^۝[Y\¸(Y[\ܜ¸([\XYB\[X]\‘[[Hو\X[HX[ۂX[Y ۙY [\YXˈPPL NML[^B̍NNLLL”ٙ\[ۘ[\XH]H\ۘ[X\X[Y܂ۛH  NHMHYH[Y\]]\ۈ8(^ N8(H8(][H\ٙ\\X[Y܂ۛH  HMHYH[Y\]]\ۈ8(^ N8(H8(][H\ٙ\\H]\&\^HBTU TTKSH ԓUPSS“S\[[Bۙ\ H\]܂ۈ]\H[$[H[\Y$[P۝Z[Y$X[[Y\]Z\Y[HH N“]”[P۝Z[YX[[Y\]Z\Y[\Y\]\٘X[ۈX\[YYX[Y [\Y8(\Y[X[ [Y\X[܂‘QH[RYH\[X]\™›BBB›BB LBXH\X[Y܂ۛH NHMHYH[Y\]]\ۈ8(^ N8(H8(][H\ٙ\[H ܛ] p X[[Z[K K ]\ۈ8(^ N8(H8(][H\ٙ\\] [H[[ܚ܈\Z\ Hё L LM LNH8(QUSQUT8(ˈ[Sۓ[H V]\ۈ8(^ N8(H8(][H\ٙ\