The Scene Magazine Scene December 2017 - Page 34

FREE PUBLIC NOTICES • www. SceneOnLine .BiZ Spring Hill Seventh Day Adventist Church, 2300 Osowaw Blvd. 352 686- 1143. Pastor Eric Doran, Head Elder Simon DeGuzman, Sabbath School Head Joseph Jones. Morning Worship 11:30 am, Prayer Meeting Wednesday 6:00 pm, Bible Study Sabbath 10:0 am. Praise and Worship 11:30 am. Church Christmas Party 12/16 1:30 pm. Agape Feast 12/31 5:00 pm. Spring Hill United Church of Christ: Christmas Bazaar & Cookie Walk, Dec. 1st & 2nd, 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Home-baked Breads, Pies & other Goodies, Unique Handmade Crafts—Floral Arrangements, Christmas Ornaments and Decorations, Gifts for all Occasions AND Hundreds of Cookies! Sally Christmas Dinner & Show - Dec. 12th from 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm -Tickets $15.00 each. Location: 4244 Mariner Boulevard, Spring Hill (352) 683-4870 St. John’s Episcopal Church, 200 S. Brooksville Ave., invites you to celebrate Christmas with us. A Bake Sale booth will be at the Christmas Tee Lighting on December 7th in front of the Courthouse Steps. An open gathering for Christmas Caroling With Organ will be held in the Church at 3 pm, Sunday, December 17th. Feel free to come. A Candle Lighted Christ’s Mass, with organ and carols, invites the public to the Church at 5 pm, Sunday, Decembe  X^HXX\ۈ[[Z[H]HH\YX\ۋۙ\HZ] X\Y^X[X\HXݙ\Hܛ\܈Y[]\Xœ H]و \\H^X[HX\Y[\YH N ^X[X\HYX˜H\ۈ[Y[ \H\HY\Y\ܛ\وY[[HYHHH\ P[\[H܈] LMN NMMK[\\[۞Hܝ\Y]Y[[\[\X\[\܈\ \[X[\X\[\[ˈX[H[Y[]H[YHܝ\܈\\X\\[][[H\HXYB\ܛH܈HXXˈXˈ]  K LHXZ[Y] ݚ[B KYZ\[ۈ\ H]H܋X]X^HH\\Y[Y[HB[[HX^XXH[\\[۞Hܝ\ M HܚYB ݚ[K L[ۙ]HTK[YYH\œ\ܛX[H[[Y]H]ۈ\\[[H LMNMM ͋HYX[[Y\X[Xو\[[ˈY^HX[YY][X[X\  M  KY[HZX\K HXZ]\ [[ [[  Y܈ܘXYˋYY\YY\Y[Y[L L[Y^HYH HY\Y[[H\Y [\H[YK܂X[ˋ۝X[H LMM H܈\]˘XXZ˛] Y\YH[\\Y]]^Y\\YYY][\ ]X YX\^\Y[BLH\\BY[X\وH ːKK[[ ܛZ[H\ YHYHHUUTUQHUSTB[X[ޛۙHX]Y[܈[\Y\ [ܙB]\H\[Y[܈]8&\[[B[]\[ ܙ[XH[\ [\’YP][ ][[\\“[]Z[^\‘[[\H[Y\\XB\XH\\H]\[X[[X\H[܈]Z[’[\[’Y^BXX[ۜ[][ۜ]Z[XH\ۈ\]Y\ LH L Œ\STHRSSUӈSHB\[\H]][\[HXZ\‘YX]H[\^[][  \[\H[Hۋ\[][ݙ\YH[]]XZ\[H]HوܚYK[[H܈Y[[YH^B܈HYB]][\[H][HB[H\X[^X]]B LB\\[\[BM [[8(\[[[[H NNY[[YHBX[^X]]BːSUPQSQTːKВSTT N 8( LH N ^PSPT M LM LNH8(QBPPPT8(ˈ[Sۓ[H V