The Scene Magazine Scene December 2017 - Page 18

FREE PUBLIC NOTICES • www. SceneOnLine .BiZ Hernando Computer Club: Visit for schedule of instructional classes held in Education Building B on the campus of Grace Presbyterian Church, 8375 Spring Hill Drive. An Open House/Newcomers’ Orientation will be held at 10 a.m., December 4, in Education Building B. Come learn what the club has to offer; light refreshments served. Free/ open to the public. There will not be a general meeting in December. Visit our website or call 352-684-7171 for additional information. Hernando County Animal Services (HCAS) - When adopting a pet please visit HCAS, 19450 Oliver Street, Brooksville, 796-5062, Tu-Fr 9:30-4:30 & Sat 10-3. We’re located behind the Hernando County Fairgrounds off SR 41. Lost a pet? Please se \]T\^\\HY\HH[[X[۝[HXXˈ[Y[ۙx&\]X\HY\\H[[X[]Tœۙ\]H[ܝ[]H[[KX\HX]\XXœYH]΋˙XX˘K\[[P[[X[\X\[X]H]˚\[[K\[[X[ \[[H\[[[]\HXX\YY][ \^H]\H[۝]ݚ[H]H[ H[]Kݚ[K H[[[[X\] NK\Z\[ۈ\[\YK\ܝ[[H[وHܙX]]H\[\\[[[\H\H]^[ˈH\HX\[\X][۸&\܈TSHT”X\ L LK N \X]H\˚\[\ ܙ܈K[XZ[\[ٚ[X\XZ[ K܈[۝X[ۛ\ LKLN \[[Hܚ[YH\[ˈ[XZ[[۞[[\ H[\\H[\\X^H\[[\H L \]\ Y[H]BۛYNوH][ۈوHY]]H܈[Y\ێ]X^H[HHܚ[Z[[\HZH\\Kؘ\K\][ ؘ]\NوY܂ܚ[Z[[Z\YY܈X^H][Hܚ[YH\HY[\B܈]Y[HHHܚ[YH[H]YX]X\Xܚ[YH]\]˜[[]Y ܈ۛ[HY[]HY SԒSQHT] KN BNL UT  H܈˚\[[Xܚ[Y\\˘K\[[HZ\ܛ[\[[H[HXܙ\ YZ[›ۛHY^H[]\^HYۛHY[[X \[HH M\\H  NN K\ L \\Y[ LYHX]˂\H[Y\^\\ˈ]\][\YHوY\[x&\•ܚ Y\^K[[Z[\^K[[&\[Y\[]X[ܙKHZ\ܛ[]Y] ͈Y ݚ[H BQBSSՐSSSSRS’QTSTQHQBX[Y[\YQHUSTŒL BёUTQSPPBQHTBLL KMN B[XX]YX\KBݙ\ ۈ NHXܙ\;l]Y[B[^\YH\[ YHYZ\[ۈB[YH[و\]•[ܜBTHXHX\]B\XY\XB[ܙHB]\Y XX\‰[YH][\B ܙX][BUBLMML ZH\ۈXX΂XX˘KY\Z\ܝ Q\Y\X[ QXKSX\][\YBX\]ٙXH[XZ]BHQHHو]\BNPSPT M LM LNH8(QBPPPT8(ˈ[Sۓ[H V