The Sabre Magazine Fall Issue Volume 1 - Page 9

SPORTS Doug Shanahan REPORTER: Camila Basora & Gabriella Morales At the age of eight, Doug Shanahan was given the tool that contributed greatly to who he is today: a lacrosse stick. Born in Long Island, NY, Coach Shanahan has been playing lacrosse for as long as he can remember. Lacrosse was already a prevalent sport where he grew up. The main reason why he started to play lacrosse was because of his father, who signed him up in a league and encouraged him along the way. He played both lacrosse and football at a very young age. Coach Shanahan played major league lacrosse for thirteen years, and he played for the New York Jets. He was a two-time member of the USA lacrosse team and was MVP of the World Games. Throughout the years, Doug Shanahan coached and taught lacrosse in Pinecrest, Florida. Last year, he coached at St. Thomas Aquinas as the Assistant Head Coach, and he took its lacrosse team to the final four at the state games. Looking for a fresh start, he decided that St. Brendan was a great fit for him. “I like the people here when I came to visit, I was excited by the idea of a new upper school, new athletic facilities, and the idea of having my own high school program where no one else had a footprint on it,” said Coach Shanahan. He is thrilled to get the program off the ground and to get the St. Brendan name out in the lacrosse community. His goal here at St. Brendan is to create a thriving lacrosse program for future years, but he knows it will be a while before that vision is successful. He said, “This year is obviously a foundation year for the years to come here at St. Brendan, and we [he and the team] look forward to building the program that will be highly competitive with any team, hopefully, in the state.” Shanahan feels the team has a good start and is happy with the effort and excitement that the team has put into lacrosse so far. He feels the time and commitment that is necessary to rise to the upper echelon of lacrosse in Florida will take years to develop. The team will be competing against other first-year teams and programs, and Shanahan is excited about the freshman class and with where their skills will be in four years. This year, he does not want the team to be defined by wins and losses. “I think that once the kids leave the program, we have a couple of seniors, with better life lessons through lacrosse, which is how we try to teach -- that will be our success story.” “I LIKE THE PEOPLE HERE WHEN I CAME TO VISIT, I WAS EXCITED BY THE IDEA OF A NEW UPPER SCHOOL, NEW ATHLETIC FACILITIES, AND THE IDEA OF HAVING MY OWN HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM WHERE NO ONE ELSE HAD A FOOTPRINT ON IT”