The Sabre Magazine Fall Issue Volume 1 - Page 8

CLUB SPOTLIGHT CLUBS CHINESE DRAGON CLUB Written by: Marco Congote The Chinese Dragon Club, often shortened to Chinese Club, is a relatively new club that has seen tremendous growth since its start last year. Mrs. Zhang, the club’s moderator, has been affectionately nicknamed Mrs. Sunshine by her pupils. The club’s expansion from its meager beginnings last year has not stopped her from personally knowing many of the club members. She has likened the club to a family, which is especially important once you take into account the importance of family in Chinese tradition. She described how many students come after school to talk personally with her about their own concerns or issues. The club balances emotional education with intellectual education, just as St. Brendan does. The Chinese Dragon Club is best experienced as a supplement to the Chinese classes, offering a dose of culture and history to participants of these classes, who are learning Mandarin, the mainland standard. Students practicing other languages are encouraged to join, as there is an environment of growth that ensures that estudiantes/studenti/éléves can tackle yet another language, despite the many differences between the Romance languages and Chinese (which can be blamed on the laziness of the Indo-Europeans and Phoenicians). Besides teaching the actual language, Chines