The Sabre Magazine Fall Issue Volume 1 - Page 28

GUIDANCE SY COLLEGE CORNER Written by: Mrs. Mendez, College Counselor “THERE ARE ONLY TWO LASTING BEQUESTS WE CAN HOPE TO GIVE OUR CHILDREN. ONE OF THESE IS ROOTS, THE OTHER WINGS.” - HODDING CARTER What should Seniors be doing in the FALL for college? websites. Check Edline: COLLEGE Advising for information on deadlines, college visits, scholarships, application links to schools’ websites, calendar of events, downloadable forms, and much more! What should our Juniors be doing to prepare for college? • Congratulations, you are finally Seniors! This year brings so many exciting memories, as well as important decisions for “life after St. Brendan.” Our goal in the Guidance Department is to guide you and help you discover where God’s true purpose and happiness for you may be found. Below are some tips, news, and “words of advice” as you begin Senior year and the college process: • • • • • • • • • • • • College list should be finalized. List should be balanced (Remember…Dream School, Realistic Schools, Safety Schools) Apply to no less than three schools and narrow down to no more than six or seven. Still don’t have a college list? Or don’t know where to apply? IT’S OKAY! Make an appointment to see Mrs. Mendez or Mrs. Valdes. We will help you brainstorm possible schools. Also, it’s important to talk to your parents when choosing colleges!!! Begin (if you haven’t already) the college applications…once you start you will notice that most applications are very similar. Save all the Usernames and Passwords you create for the college applications (maybe…on your iPad). Don’t misplace them! Once you finish applying, submit your “Request for Transcript” form. This way we can send your transcript to the colleges you applied to. If using Common Application, invite your counselors in order to upload your transcripts. Check application deadlines and submit your application before the deadline!! Pay attention to priority deadlines to ensure merit scholarship awards, early admittance, and financial aid packages. Complete the “Request for Letter of Recommendation” form if the school you are applying to requires a letter of recommendation from your teachers or counselors. Ask them first!!!! And give them two weeks time to write your letter. (And always say “Thank you”!) Continue to work on your college essays in your English classes. Very important! Create an academic resume or portfolio if necessary. Have your English teacher or Mrs. Mendez/Mrs. Valdes review them. Register and retake your SAT or ACT exams to improve your score. Also, to meet the requirements for Florida Bright Futures! APPLY for scholarships!!! A complete list is available on Edline: COLLEGE Adv \