The Sabre Magazine Fall Issue Volume 1 - Page 16

ENTERTAINMENT Surviving a World Plagued by Netflix and Homework REPORTER: Giselle Gonzalez Netflix can be your worst enemy or your best friend. Home of the online movie and TV show streaming, Netflix is used by anyone and everyone who loves to get home from school or work and binge-watch shows like One Tree Hill, Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, and the list goes on. With every episode of a season available, no commercials or advertisements, and an endless amount of seasons and shows to catch up on, Netflix has become quite an addiction but also a hindrance for the everyday student. It would be easy to advise students to just avoid Netflix altogether, but you cannot expect students, especially teenagers, to completely cut out the going-ons of One Tree Hill. So the question is: how does one balance Netflix and schoolwork? After struggling with this problem myself, I have come up with two possible solutions: homework out of the way, the quicker you can get to finishing that last season of Gilmore Girls. Netflix is a part of the everyday routine of almost every student. It is extremely convenient and easy to use, making it widely popular; some might go as far as to say it is more popular than actual television. But with online streaming comes great distraction, so binge-watch wisely! 1) AVOIDANCE. Sounds unreasonable, I know. Now, I am not saying to avoid your computer and/or laptop forever. Just avoid typing in into your browser right when you get home, because once you start the vicious cycle of online streaming, you will not be able to stop. As boring and horrible as it sounds, getting your homework out of the way before you lie down and start binge-watching is actually extremely helpful to your GPA. 2) BRIBERY. This solution is for those of us with a little more willpower, or those who can watch just ONE episode of our current favorite show and then complete the homework for the day. You will want to get to your next episode faster so it is a bit like bribing or rewarding yourself. The faster you get all your PHOTO CREDIT: KATARINA ELIS