The Sabre Magazine Fall Issue Volume 1 - Page 15

ZOMBIE This video was used to promote the Night of the Living Dead. THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD Written by: Mari De Armas THE SCARIEST SHOW YOU WILL SEE THIS HALLOWEEN! Night of the Living Dead is an interactive theater experience involving the living, the dead, the undead, and you. The plot is about a group of people that are stuck in a house due to a zombie apocalypse and tensions arise between them whilst the zombies try to enter and eat them. Saint Brendan’s Visual and Performing Arts Academy has brought this production from the script to the Rosa Brown Blackbox Theater. Production starts from Monday, October 27th to Thursday, October 30th. Tickets where sold at $10. To go into detail with the play, most of the sets were made by the father of senior Alex Gutierrez. Also some of drama students helped out with painting and setting up positions for the props. The costumes were hand-made by the students. There was a class dedicated in learning about the different types of zombies, and that is where students were required to bring in clothing that they can destroy. Theatrical make-up and prosthetics were bought and Mr. Gutierrez helped show how to look like a zombie with the poper make-up application. A unique thing about this play is that it is very interactive. The audience can feel what the characters are feeling, and who knows? Perhaps there will be a surprise in store. “Working with teenaged zombies is basically the same thing as working with regular teenagers. They’re always hungry. They walk funny and smell funny,” said Mr. Arrastia, the director of the play. “Being a zombie is fun, but it’s very difficult,” said junior Sophia Espaillat, “It’s difficult being a zombie considering that I don’t really know how to be a zombie. But Mr. A has helped us a lot with learning on how to be a zombie.” Although Sophia did not apply her own zombie make up, she helped apply it to other students. “The make-up, prosthetics and blood look very real and authentic-looking.” she said, “Taking part in the entire thing is very fun but also very stressful, considering that we have other things going on. But it is really coming together.” Everybody working in the production is very excited to see how this will come out and how the audience will react.