The Sabre Magazine Fall Issue Volume 1 - Page 14

COVER STORY THEATRE IS DEAD Visual and Performing Arts Academy ENTERTAINMENT Written by: JP Arrastia HOW ST. BRENDAN’S VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS ACADEMY IS RESURRECTING THEATRE BY KILLING ITS AUDIENCE For many people, the idea of theatre is not a very good one. They picture stuffy people on a stage speaking in a language they neither care for nor understand. They imagine an audience wearing outdated suits and uncomfortable dresses that will be discussing the thematic elements of the lighting over a nice cup of tea. However, I think that the Visual and Performing Arts Academy is about to dispel this myth with its presentation of Night of the Living Dead. This fast paced horror-thriller will keep the audience at the edge of its seat from the play’s killer opening scene through its shocking finale. When I first read the script, I thought that I could direct the show in two different ways. The first way would be to make a campy parody of old-fashioned zombie flicks. The play, after all, is based on George Romero’s classic 1968 black and white film. The second way I could take on this project was to contemporize the setting and cater to an audience that is more familiar with The Walking Dead than with Nosferatu. I chose the latter. This spin allowed me to use elements of makeup, lighting, multimedia, and sound to fully immerse the audience into the story. Due to the nature of the production, I had several obstacles that I needed to overcome in order to provide the audience with a fun yet absolutely horrifying theatrical experience. The first wa