The Roots MX August 2014 - Page 96

So how was it, manhandling such a powerful bike? “Twostrokes in general you have to ride them with finesse, especially a 500,” says Collier. You have to be careful and mindful of the way the bike reacts, it has a really aggressive powerband, so if you get caught off-guard the thing’s gonna level you pretty much.” When I compliment him on how easy he makes it look, he says, “It’s kind of funny you know, when I first hopped on a 450 as an amateur, the bike was so gnarly to me. But now coming off a 500 and getting on my 450 it feels like I’m on like an 80. It’s crazy. The 450 is so light, nimble, slow,” he laughs. “I mean look at the rear fender,” he says, pointing to the KX500 again. “I was looking at some photos and I look like a little kid on that bike. The thing takes me for a hell of a ride. It was a blast.” See more of Sean Collier in the September 2014 issue of Racer X Illustrated It strikes me, the depth of his words. Perhaps because he was nearly destroyed by the bike, he has come to have so much respect for it. He understands its power. He can reserve a space for it in his life, without making it his life. As Collier begins prepping for his final moto, I shake his hand and thank him for the interview. I notice the words printed on his helmet, the Fasthouse motto: “Speed, Style, Good Times,” and I smile as I walk away. Let the good times roll, Sean Collier, I think to myself. Then I make my way back to the track, so watch some races. 96 theROOTSMX • ISSUE 3 2014 Click to read on >>