The Roots MX August 2014 - Page 73

MFALK612 When the helmet is off, he’s a reserved young man with a close-lipped smile. He answers interview questions with clean, concise remarks. There is quiet confidence but no boastfulness about him. His passion is all on the track. company of fellow OB KTM riding peers, including Conner Mullennix, Parker Mashburn, Derek Drake, and Hunter Yoder, he will learn more about fitness, form, and technique as he prepares for Loretta’s. Falk has been riding since he was four years old, logging in hundreds of hours at Glen Helen, one of his closest tracks. It’s also one of the most challenging tracks in the country. When I catch up with Falk between motos at Mammoth Motocross he talks about the track at Mammoth, one of his favorites: “It’s always the same layout, so you kind of know what to expect. It you like it, you’re gonna love it. The atmosphere is just awesome and different from any other track.” Speaking of the atmosphere, has he been partaking in any other activities before racing kicked off? No, “just getting acclimated, getting prepared.” He is all business. When it comes to preparation, he’s in good hands. He’s on a diligent program training with Buddy Antunez and a group of other talented young riders in his area. At this point in the conversation, his dad chimes in and encourages Mitchell to tell me where he was the week before Mammoth. Mitchell smiles bashfully. “Well, leading up to the event and the past few days I was training with RedBull in Santa Monica, testing with them.” One of only a few riders selected to participate, Mitchell attended the camp with riders like Alex Frye and Taylor Robert. They worked with a group of trainers at the camp, with focus on individualized assessments of how their bodies function and the best practices to maximize their potential. “I found out stuff about me and how I can improve,” says Falk. Just a week after this interview, Falk will be given yet another opportunity for intensive training when he attends the Orange Brigade camp. There, under the tutelage of seasoned riders and trainers like Michael Sleeter and Nathan Ramsey, and in the There he will face many of the same competitors that are here at Mammoth. Needless to say, he’s got his work cut out for him. Until then, you can find Falk at the track, doing what he loves best. 73