The Roots MX August 2014 - Page 53

TEAM GREEN BIG BIKES New editions to Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green shine at Mammoth Motocross T he Green Machine’s domination did not wane with the close of Mini Days on Wednesday. Over the next three days of big bikes races, Team Green would take home seven AMA championships, led by Chris Alldredge and Mitchell Harrison with two championships each. Alldredge found redemption in 2014 at the Monster Energy Mammoth Motocross, leaving behind him a three year history of adversity and hard knocks at Mammoth. “Three years ago I came here and ended up breaking my foot,” says Alldredge. “Next year came here and had a really bad crash and ended up breaking my shoulder blade and pretty much all my ribs on my left side. Last year I had ACL surgery, so it’s good to be back.” Alldredge spent the last few months training and working in the gym to rebuild his physical strength after injury. In 250 A Pro Sport, he spent the race coming back from a poor start but still managed to push his way through the pack to a win. Says Alldredge, “It’s rough coming through the pack through the fastest guys in the nation, so gonna try to get a better start next time and hopefully lead the whole thing.” Alldredge didn’t always get the lead right off the gate, but it made for some epic battles with some of his very competitive peers, including Nick Gaines, Timmy Wiegand, Jordon Smith, and Scott Champion. Ryan Holliday, who fought hard in the past to get Alldredge on the team, says, “ Someone like Alldredge obviously was established. He’s always been fast and we’ve always been interested in him. We needed someone to fill that void of a top A-class guy and hopefully graduate on to the Pro Circuit team.” In the past few years, Alldredge has proved that he can overcome adversity. This year at Mammoth he proved that he has the guts to battle through the pack and take on seasoned pros to win titles. 53