The Roots MX August 2014 - Page 25

The Bell Standard Since 1954, Bell’s testing approach has been to consider the various aspects of an impact. Speed, direction, track conditions, and other factors are critical to consider when it comes to testing helmets for the real world. PROTECTION ACROSS THE BOARD LINEAR ACCELERATION ROTATIONAL ACCELERATION VELOCITY TESTING A weighted mass dropped at multiple speeds onto varying surfaces. Our flexible-platform rig allows us to vary the angle, speed, and weight of the drop mass. Testing at varying speeds helps to represent unique crash scenarios. Retention testing Penetration testing Fit studies Hot, cold, and wet impact conditions Durability testing Visibility testing Aerodynamic studies Rider feedback studies Invented and tested for the core. Learn more about Bell’s testing at Back to Basics Amidst the challenges and mounting pressures faced by young motocross racers, Mammoth emerges as a breath of fresh mountain air. Join us, as we go back to the time when rules were few and moto was all about fun. Well that, and beating your buddy out of the gate... 25