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ABOUT GALE WEBB Gale Webb is America’s Sports Mom and Sports Photographer. After almost losing her life in a skydiving accident when her main chute would not open at 7000 feet, Gale Webb’s body bounced through the trees like a ragdoll. And then her whole world stopped. Gale broke her back, legs, ankles, wrists, fractured her neck and suffered head trauma. Doctors told Gale she would never lead a normal life. The doctors were right--Gale leads no normal life! Now over 60, Gale still races and rides motocross. She raced the World Mountain Bike Competitions and competed in the USA Snowboard events across the US where she medaled gold and bronze. She’s ridden her skateboard on ramps and in pools across the country. All of this after her accident and after doctors told her she may never walk or talk again. Gale Webb has devoted her life to inspiring young people across the country to “Never give up!” She lives by the motto “KIDS-R-#1!” Gale pioneered the most recognized motivational extreme sports & air shows to date. In the first year alone her show reached millions of young people across the United States with her positive messages of hope and motivation. Today, Gale shares her vision of life through photography in the action sports industry. Gale Webb is a “Kids Hero” and “Walking Miracle,” inspiring others through her example and her vision. Gale Webb Photography 18 theROOTSMX • ISSUE 3 2014 Editor-in-Chief Rachel Witt Creative Director Micah Robles Smoke & Fire Jason Witt Digital Imaging Ben La-Haise Contributing Writer Hunter Cross Contributing Video Editor Aran Eversman Video Editor Jason Witt Contributing Photographer Gale Webb Contributing Photographer Mike Emery Contributing Photographer Micah Robles Special Thanks to Mike Colbert, Laurey Carlson, 2X Promotions, the entire Mammoth crew, Gale Webb Photos, Emery Photo, Little D & FMF, Dirt Digits, Racer X Online For ad sales contact Jason Witt, FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM @theRootsMX #RootsMX