The Roots MX August 2014 - Page 16

From the Editor 26 How to Throw a Moto Party 32 Tricks are for Kids 38 In Bear Country 40 The Green Machine 60 Best of #MammothMX 62 FMF Unsung Hero 68 Taking on the Team 74 Stars & Standouts 84 Cross 71: Diary of a Racing Kid 88 A Reason to Ride Again 98 Mammoth MX Scene & Heard 102 Back to Beginnings 104 Smoke & Fire Vintage Ntl. 113 Next Issue... SUBSCRIBE 4 YOUR FREE DIGITAL MAGAZINE 16 theROOTSMX • ISSUE 3 2014 JUNE 2014 / THE ROOTS MX You have to come to Mammoth, they all said. It’s a moto party. A Vacation, they said. And we said, Vacation? We’re in. We had heard legends of all the fun there is to be had at Mammoth Motocross, but words do not suffice. Over the course of the Monster Energy Road to Mammoth series, the tension was building in anticipation of the grand finale, the great Mammoth carnival where the dirt meets the village. No, literally. They brought dirt into The Village for the most epic pit bike race you’ve ever seen. The competition was so fierce, Scott Champion crashed and lost his mind. A Wool ly Mammoth performed heel clicks in a floatie. Shit got cray. But that was just the beginning. Jeff Ward showed up on a 1974 Honda Elsinore 250 and made Lil D eat his roost in the Smoke & Fire Vintage National. Every day was Happy Hour at the podium and Kevin Kelly spit more one-liners than can fit in this magazine. Yamaha side-by-sides may or may not have been driven around the track by rowdy adults to the tune of Guns and Roses, “Paradise City.” On Any Sunday was watched for the swept every moto and every overall win one day, and Sean Collier broke out a KX 500 in the FMF 2-Stroke Challenge and smoked everyone. I teamed up with a kid after my own heart, 11 year-old Hunter Cross, both rider and writer who’s first-hand account of racing Mammoth appears in this issue. We endured the wild storm that came through one night, destroying every last pop-up on vendor row before it gave way to a beautiful rainbow. And speaking of miracles! I won second place in a golf contest for my very own bear. Well, I was part of a team that won second place. The competition was so fierce, Scott Champion crashed and lost his mind. A Woolly Mammoth performed heel clicks in a floatie. Shit got cray. fiftieth time on a giant projector in the middle of town. So many kids won AmericoreSMX scooters and Team Associated RC cars, it was like Christmas in the mountains. Bears were everywhere. Wooden trophy bears, but also real live bears rummaging through town looking for treats. Leann Rimes sang the National Anthem everyday for eight days straight. Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green Never have I ever been to a moto event for ten days straight, and been so sad to see it end. So here’s my attempt to convey the mayhem. Enjoy. Rachel A. Witt