The Roots MX August 2014 - Page 105

Troy Lee Designs and Fasthouse presented the first annual Smoke and Fire National at the Mammoth Motocross on June 21-22, 2014. The four-lap, Vintage Sprint Race followed the traditional two-moto format of the Mammoth Vet Weekend. Vintage racers enjoyed the prime, untouched track at Mammoth Motocross, starting off each day with the Star-Spangled Banner and a moto. Smoke and Fire National riders raced one moto each morning before heading out to enjoy the festivities for the afternoon. In celebration of motocross’s colorful history, participants were required to run a 1975 bike or older to participate in the Smoke and Fire National. Flannel shirts, jeans, or period gear were encouraged. Vintage bikes were on display for fans over the course of the weekend. Superheroes of the sport participated on the pride of their garage. 105