The Rockdale News Rockdale News Digital Edition February 25, 2015 - Page 5

1. Jose ate 1/2 of a pizza. Ella ate 1/2 of another pizza. Jose said that he ate more pizza than Ella, but Ella said they both ate the same amount. Use words and pictures to show that Jose could be right. ANSWER 2. Which multiplication equation is represented by the array? A. 3x5=15 B. 3x6=18 3. C. 4x3=12 D. 5x4-20 Which two facts can be added together to help you find 7x6? A. (2 x 6) + (3 x 6) B. (5 x 6) + (2 x 6) C. (3 x 6) + (3 x 6) D. (7 x 6) + (7 x 6) 4. Read this sentence from the passage: “The birches in the hollow waved joyful hands as if watching for Anne’s usual morning greeting from the east gable.” Identify the literary device used in the sentence. Then explain the author’s use of this device in the sentence. Use details from the text to support your answer. Answer with complete sentences, and use correct punctuation and grammar. ANSWER