The Rockdale News Rockdale News Digital Edition February 25, 2015 - Page 11

Perspectives Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2015 your feedback Our Thoughts Watch the video T. Pat Cavanaugh is the publisher of The Rockdale News and The Covington News. He can be reached at Website Feedback letter to the editor Republicans show no heart Aaron Brooks Columnist Thomas Sowell is a founding member of the Newton Conservative Liberty Alliance Dear Editor, Can you take a moment to think about why people think Republicans are heartless hypocrites? As a Republican I often wonder why people think of my party in this fashion. Are we really a bunch of people that favor the wealthy over regular everyday people? House Bill 1, the medical cannabis oil bill, has shown me why some people think of the... Read more “If one child can have a better life as a result of using medical cannabis oil, shouldn’t we that claim to be pro-life also consider that life is just as much about life outside of the womb? Shouldn’t we fight to make life, in general, less painful and better for those that have conditions that could be helped by this bill?” Your response to “What’s your thoughts on the upcoming new Georgia Milestones tests and how have your kids been preparing?” Carol Morris Laird: If Jose’s pizza is a large and Ella’s pizza is a medium then Jose did eat more.... Yep our kids will use this in life...but it’s called common sense not math! Al Smith: This is what education should really be, teaching our kids to apply the basic knowledge to real life situations. At the end we don’t all need calculus. I’m with Carol Laird’s answer except that it is math applied not just common sense. Fiona Crocker Golden: This is that core curriculum nightmare!!! Hate it!!! Christy Banks: Ridiculous