The Renewanation Review Volume 8 Issue 1 - Page 18

serving all schools A Key to Community Transformation By Melvin Adams - President & COO of Renewanation I recently attended a conference for pastors and ministry leaders where the focus was transformational ministry. One of the sessions was led by the pastor of a “significant” church who spoke about transforming communities through ministry in local schools. I was captured by his thesis that every challenge and opportunity of a community could be found in the local schools. I had to agree. So I was eager to hear what his church was doing to transform young lives through their ministry in schools.   His presentation centered on a local public high school that his church had adopted. He shared about enthusiastic turnout for workdays to paint and repair. He told about improving sports facilities, providing clothing and meals for students, and helping with after-school tutoring to help kids learn how to read. The church was clearly engaged with the school, and I wasn’t surprised when he stated how happy the superintendent was with their church-school partnership. Everyone was impressed!   Then the Q & A session started. Pastors and leaders 18 peppered him with questions, eager to know how they could apply this transformational ministry model to their own communities. Q: How did you motivate your people to