The Renewanation Review Volume 6, Issue 2 - Page 8

Founder Releases New Book Meet the Renewanation Board of Directors Do you want to live a more dynamic and fruitful Christian life? You don’t want to miss Jeff Keaton’s new book, The Life of Radical Faith. Jeff Keaton Chairman & CEO Melvin Adams President David Blanton Dr. Larry Daugherty Jeffrey W. Ganthner Nina Gillespie For more info on our Board of Directors, please visit our website at E.W. Jackson, J.D. Randy Krantz, J.D. Dr. Glen Schultz Monte Stetler Task Force for New School Plants 8 Nancy Stouffer One of Renewanation’s immediate goals is to empower new Christian school plants. Unfortunately, too many schools launch before they lay the proper foundation for success. Because we are committed to starting successful Christian schools, we have formed a task force for new school plants to identify steps critical to starting and running a dynamic Christian school. This task force is made up of some of the finest Christian educators and entrepreneurs in America. Coaching is being planned with each step so that leaders of Christian schools won’t have to go it alone but will have experienced mentors every step of the way. Stay tuned by signing up for free weekly e-news at Your willingness to be obedient to God, no matter the cost, will lead you to experience a supernatural level of success that only God can create. To walk this journey of faith, you must be fully surrendered to God and willing to sacrifice and even suffer when necessary. This isn’t the easy Christian life so many of us have become accustomed to. It’s a commitment to obey God completely through life’s many challenges. Are you ready to take the first step toward the life of radical faith?  Available now at "When God finds a man or woman who will trust Him with all their heart, the church and the world are put on notice once again that God is still God Almighty." Coming Soon: By The Way Series A NEW Children’s Reader Series Pastors, parents, and schools have been asking for a resource to help them develop a biblical worldview in children. To respond, Renewanation is joining with author, Joy Budenseik, to provide a beautifully illustrated series of children’s books. The books are built around a brother/sister duo who, in the context of family, explore the world around them. Each book is filled with real science, history, geography and more - all making sense through the lens of scripture. Learn more at 9