The Renewanation Review Volume 6, Issue 2 - Page 46

When I refused to fight him, he had than merely copying what my parents had done. It was his brother in the ninth grade intercept liberating! Soon all three of my children were happily me after school to teach me a lesson I would ensconced in a Christian private school. not forget. When I staggered home from school, my   The issue was not public, private, or homeschool. The key bewildered father could only cite scriptures about being was deciding whether I would do exactly as my parents had “salt and light” to comfort me. In seventh grade, I was the done or if I would find what worked best for my children. only student in my grade who had never been heard to use Second, parents succumb to the mind-numbing profanity, and that bothered many of my classmates. They influence of conventional wisdom. Conventional wismade it their quest to drive me to whatever extreme was dom consists of widely held benecessary to motivate me to liefs people hold because it is the curse, and, if possible, abandon current trend or commonly held my faith. Perhaps the climax of viewpoint. These practices are their efforts occurred when a rarely challenged because they student slashed my wrist with are heralded as “common sense.” a sharp object during class. I There is often a kernel of truth ultimately contracted blood to these opinions, or perhaps poisoning and was taken to the methodology was effective the hospital. Let’s just say, the years ago, so it makes them seseventh and eighth grades were ductive. It’s ironic that parents two of the most difficult years of will lecture their children about my life. not conforming to the crowd   But do you know what I did and then those same parents when my first child was old will blithely fall in line with the enough to enroll in school? I current parenting trends uncarted him off to public school, questioningly. as my parents had done with   Over the years I learned it was me. Because that’s all I knew to ok, and even healthy, to push do. None of my friends had their back on conventional wisdom if children in Christian schools. it was ineffective for one of my After all, we wanted our children children. For example, convento attend university eventually. "At the end of the day, tional wisdom declared it was Homeschooling was completely the key is not what unhealthy for children to quit out of the question! everyone else is doing, what they started. That sounded   Fast-forward several years. but what works best reasonable. After all, who wants My second son was experiencfor my child." to raise a quitter? However, I ing bullying in seventh grade. discovered that there were situations when it was foolhardy I determined to do something about it and scheduled an to force my children to persevere with activities that were appointment to speak with the principal. When I expla [