The Renewanation Review Volume 6, Issue 2 - Page 40

T HE DINING ROOM at the local breakfast eatery rings with the early morning laughter of five men as they greet each other for breakfast on a spring morning in 2002.   Their agenda is unknown to the other patrons of the restaurant as each man orders his standard breakfast fare with lots of hot coffee to go around. They begin their discussion with prayer.   There is a big question before these four volunteers plus one head of school. Is it God’s plan that their growing Christian school take ownership of a section of property in their town?   Countless questions tumble forward, in between bites of bacon and eggs, and sips of black coffee.   “What if we can buy this property? How can we pay for it? What would this mean for the Christian community of the region? Will people give to support this?” So many questions. So many prayers. So many conversations.   My how their world has changed since those long ago breakfast meetings. God’s faithfulness and His plans continued to unfold. After a long series of impossible events, the Christian school of these meetings bought the property, and built a new campus of what has become one of the foremost Christian schools in America. GENEROUS STEPS OF FAITH: How God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things By Zach Clark 40   Years of working with hundreds of Christian schools and ministries across the country convinced me that God is about the business of doing impossible things for Christian schools that have a vision for graduating young people prepared and equipped to change this nation and the world for Jesus Christ.   At some point, the vision has to be shared and then God uses ordinary people in extraordinary ways to fund and implement the vision. This primarily happens through people giving generously and making significant steps of faith by their giving.   As soon as our thoughts turn to money, or being asked to give, our blood pressure tends to go up. Despite this, it’s on my heart today to share just a few stories of how God works through giving to Christian education. Some might say these examples are exceptions rather than the rule. However, I’ve personally witnessed the truth that God is near to those that are willing to take steps of faith to invest in the next generation of students who will be shaped by a biblical worldview.   Consider the story of a Christian school project that was about to be put on hold indefinitely. A downward spiral of complexity and increased costs could ultimately kill the project. The school was an impossible $1.2 million away from it’s needed pledge goal with only a few weeks to go. They received a call from a giver, let’s call her “Becky.”   According to Becky, she had heard about the likelihood that the project would be called to a halt, and she didn’t want to hear that sort of talk anymore. She said that after much prayer, she was committing money to the Christian school project from a pending sale of property she owned. The asking price? Exactly $1.2 million. She said she didn’t believe in coincidences and asked us to take a step of faith forward with her,