The Renewanation Review Volume 6, Issue 2 - Page 4

contents 11 The Two Most Critical Words Missing From American Vocabulary Today The more citizens there are who lack internal control under God, the more calls there will be for external controls—under man 14 Our Culture: Progressing or Digressing? Secular education is aggressively seeking to give our children a non-Christian worldview 20 What 'GOD' Are We Pursuing? It is time for all Christians to consider what ‘god’ or ‘gods’ they are pursuing when it comes to the education of their children 27 The Separation of Church and Life A pervasive myth has spread into families in the Church - that there can be a separation of church and life 28 Public Schools and Worldview Public schools are a culture that is foreign to a biblical worldview making it a mission field where Christian educators can serve 34 Truth for the Classroom Without belief in absolute truth, the right approach in the classroom is not possible 36 Characteristics of a Vibrant Christian School - Part One of a Series Key characteristics of vibrant and healthy Christian schools 40 Generous Steps of Faith How God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things 16 Morality and the Irrationality of an Evolutionary Worldview Only creationists have a rational, logical, and consistent reason for morality On the Cover 24 Schools: A No-Brainer for a Church on Mission Great opportunity to impact lives and culture for Christ through schools 42 Getting Directions from the Owner - Part One in a Series Getting directions through God's Word 32 Is Your Child the Exception? The myth that putting a child into a broken system of education with no moral foundation prepares them to live in the “real” world 45 One Size Does Not Fit All Customizing your parenting so each child thrives