The Renewanation Review Volume 6, Issue 2 - Page 38

Entrepreneurs find ways to build, grow, and expand schools. Educators develop infrastructure and the necessary systems to ensure that quality education is taking place.   There is always a tension between these two types of leaders, but it is a necessary tension. Entrepreneurs left to themselves will have a growing school but may not have a strong school internally. Educators left to themselves will have all their ducks in a row but will have little understanding of how to attract new students and cast vision for the future.   Jerry Falwell and Elmer Towns are excellent examples of this unique blend of entrepreneur and educator working as a successful team. Liberty University would not exist today if Jerry Falwell had not received the vision for it and had not taken huge leaps of faith to build and grow the school. However, without educators like Elmer Towns and many others, Liberty would not have made it to its current state of immense success.   I experienced this same dynamic when I started Parkway Christian Academy in Roanoke, Virginia. I had a vision and passion for growing a Christian school. The educators I hired built the infrastructure. Together we were able to build a vibrant school. "Is it really possible to understand the human condition if one does not even believe in sin or evil?" Vibrant Christian Schools:   Many Christian schools are led by Are serious about good Christian people biblical integration who do not possess a strong biblical worldview. They have been trained in secular schools and have developed a secular worldview in spite of the fact that they are born-again Christians. Many of these secular-minded Christian school leaders and teachers do not see the need to make biblical integration a primary focus. Vibrant CHRISTIAN schools teach from a biblical worldview in every subject.   The best way to insure that biblical integration is taking place is to train teachers consistently in biblical worldview and to use a curriculum written from a biblical basis. Vibrant Christian Schools: Have a passion for evangelism and discipleship   The presuppositions of a biblical worldview and a secular worldview are light years apart. For example, a textbook writer with a secular worldview will not take sin into account as they write. Is it really possible to understand the human condition if one does not even believe in sin or evil? A secular writer will not believe that the Bible is a resource for the answers to life’s problems. Therefore, they are prescribing solutions that are not based on the absolute truth of the Bible. If a textbook writer does not believe in sin and or in the authority of God’s Word how can they possibly lead their students to the knowledge of the truth? Their secular worldview bleeds through in what they write in the text.   Academically excellent, biblically based curriculums are available today. When a school uses these textbooks, they are in reality helping to train their teachers who may not yet possess a fully developed biblical worldview.   There is a serious debate in the Christian school movement about whether or not a school should be a covenant school (open only to children from Christian homes) or open enrollment school.   I will not try to settle that debate in this article, but I will say this. All Christian schools are in the business of evangelizing and discipling their studen ˈ]\