The Renewanation Review Volume 6, Issue 2 - Page 32

IS is your child the EXCEPTION By Keith McCurdy 32  YOUR CHILD THE EXCEPTION TO THE RULE? tion is approved, monies will dry up for the public system. It They better be because the myth that continues to might all be political, or people just trying to keep their jobs, be pushed on us about education will inevitably fall apart at or others don’t want to have to make healthy changes in the some point. The myth I refer to is that putting a child into a system. broken system of education with no moral foundation will   Whatever the reason isn’t really the point. The point is prepare them to live in the “real” world. that it is a myth and a very dangerous one. The environ  I have read this recently in four different articles. Two were ment in which our children are being educated is of utmost touting the benefits of today’s public education system, and importance, but for different reasons. two were discouraging private, faith-based education and   Our children, between the ages of six and eighteen, spend how our children would benefit less from being educated two-thirds of their lives, the overwhelming majority of their in a healthier environment because they would be sheltered waking hours, in school and school-related activities. If we and hence unprepared for the “real” world. are going to weave the truth of God into our children’s lives   Well, the good news is all of and provide a solid moral foundathese articles do get one thing right: tion for dealing with a broken and "We have to acknowledge that the environment matters—in fact, it difficult world, then we cannot environment in which they are being matters a lot. The problem is that ignore the environment in which educated academically has a significant much of their youth and young the suggested connection in this position is flawed—fatally flawed. adult lives take place. If we want our effect on who they become."   Why is it that when we look children to have a moral foundation outside of this very narrow discusthat goes well beyond memorizing sion, we see the exact opposite position taken? Here are character qualities, we have to acknowledge that the envia few examples: We know that children raised in abusive ronment in which they are being educated academically has families are more likely to be abusive. We know that children a significant effect on who they become. raised in poverty are more likely to stay in poverty. We know   Interestingly, I have had the unique experience over the that those raised around drugs, alcohol, gang influence, bad last three weeks to get inside views of local proms from language, illegal behavior, sexual promiscuity, etc,—are all teachers, parents, and most important—students. In all at higher risks of suffering the same in their lives. cases what stood out to all populations was the depravity.   We even develop early intervention programs aimed Alcohol, drugs, and blatant promiscuity were a key part of at getting children out of these s