The Renewanation Review Volume 6, Issue 2 - Page 26

  In Papua New Guinea, just a few decades ago many people were headhunters and cannibals. Christian missionaries, some of whom I know, risked their lives to go into that country where they started schools. A few years ago, a product of mission schools and a committed Christian was elected Governor General of the country! Notice the Christian influence in their national anthem: O arise all you sons of this land, Let us sing of our joy to be free, Praising God and rejoicing to be Papua New Guinea. Shout our name from the mountains to seas Papua New Guinea; Let us raise our voices and proclaim Papua New Guinea. Now give thanks to the good Lord above For His kindness, His wisdom and love For this land of our fathers so free, Papua New Guinea. Shout again for the whole world to hear Papua New Guinea; We’re independent, and we’re free, Papua New Guinea. Christian schools are not a thing of the past. Their impact is significant today! While writing this article I received this note from a friend who had just returned from the largest Muslim nation in the world: “Equipping young students and parents with a biblical worldview is key to cultural transformation. I just got back from Indonesia where the country is 90% Muslim, yet courageous Christians are planting schools, (not churches) and are looking at how to teach and educate a generation with a biblical worldview. It’s a very exciting time!”   I totally agree! This is a very exciting time in history and for the Church. We face challenges like never before. We also have an opportunity like never before, and I believe there is no place of greater opportunity to impact lives and culture for Christ than through schools—around the world and right down the street. Impacting this generation through schools must become a priority in the mission of the Church.  Melvin Adams is President and COO of Renewanation. His career has been centered in Christian education, international missions, and music and pastoral ministries. He and his wife Sandy have six children and seven grandchildren. They reside in Hardy, Virginia. Think about it! Teaching is almost always intentional. Teaching is done on the basis of some truth claim. Teaching is for the purpose of formation or transformation. 26 ve Impact? a How Can You H Sponsor a student’s n. Christian educatio tian school, public Volunteer in a Chris ool network. school, or homesch ucator that is on Be a teacher or ed mission. n school in an Help start a Christia unity. underserved comm The Separat ion of church and life By Megan Clark A PERVASIVE MYTH HAS SPREAD into families in ately needs oneness with their Savior and guiding them the Church; the separation of church and life. It’s easy towards Him in every aspect of life, day in and day out. to slip into this separatist mindset leaving spiritual growth   Somewhere along the line it was determined that the to pastors, Sunday school teachers, and youth group leaders. school desk was a predetermined space to instill head It’s even easier for parents to assume a few hours a week at knowledge. But this is a ripe ground for sowing seeds of church will be enough to disciple the children of God. God in souls. Homeschooling, for us, is not a choice for   The remaining days of the week are filled with academic higher test grades or