The Renewanation Review Volume 6, Issue 2 - Page 14

our culture: progressing or digressing? By Jeff Keaton Renewanation Founder & CEO 14 O NE OF MY NIECES, who is currently completing between those of us who possess a biblical worldview and her R.N. program, recently shared with me one of her those who possess a secular worldview. One side thinks experiences in a secular university. we are progressing, and we as Christians know that we are   In one class, she was asked to rate a list of sexual activities digressing from the absolute standards God established for and preferences on a scale of most acceptable (adaptive) our good. to least acceptable (mal-adaptive). This list included the   Almost all of the students in my niece’s class agreed with following sexual activities: Rape; Incest; Homosexuality; the teacher. Unsatisfactory sex inside marriage; Satisfactory sex between   How many more experiences like this one will it take unmarried people; Exhibitionism; Pedophilia; Numerous before we realize that education is being used to rob the casual sex encounters between young adults; Bi-sexuality; hearts and minds of America’s children of the truth? Sex without informing partners of your HIV status; Mastur  How much longer will Christian pastors and parents bation; Extramarital affairs. defend the secular indoctrination of their children?   They were asked to place three in the category of most   The statistics are in, and we have lost an entire generation acceptable (adaptive) and three in the category of least of young people to secularism. In Thom Ranier’s book, The acceptable (mal-adaptive). Millennials, only a fraction   My niece, who was raised (6%) of the 78 million born in a strong Christian home from 1980-2000 believe In Thom Ranier’s book, and attended a Christian in the cardinal truths of The Millennials, only a school that gave her a very Christianity. This is no coinfraction (6%) of the well developed biblical cidence! 90 - 95% of these worldview, stated to her young people were trained 78 million born from peers that she didn’t see any in secular schools. 1980-2000 believe in of these as most acceptable.   If we want to save the the cardinal truths In reality, all of the choices next generation, we must were in some way a pervergain access to their hearts of Christianity. sion of God’s design for sex and minds while they are inside marriage. It was also still young. Many wonderful interesting that they only ministries are trying to win listed sex inside marriage as “unsatisfactory.” When my the millennials to Christ as young adults. This is a great and niece, for lack of better choices, chose this one as the only necessary mission, but we would be much more successful if somewhat acceptable option, her classmates were dumbwe focus on their education as children. founded. They asked, “Why would you choose ‘unsatisfac  We are praying for an awakening in the area of K-12 tory sex inside marriage’ as your best option?” education. We must realize that K-12 secular education is   At the close of the lesson, the teacher stated that there are aggressively seeking to give our children a non-Christian no right and wrong answers on this exercise and only two worldview. It is imperative that we create a new K-12 activities, rape and pedophilia, were listed by every student educational movement totally dedicated to giving children as unacceptable. a biblical worldview.   My niec