The Record Jobs Section 09-10-17 - Page 3

B HELP WANTED HELP WANTED Driver SchoolBus P/T ASAP. Min 4.5 hrs. CDL-B w/PS endorsemt req. $22/hr. Apply: 8 West Bayview Ave, Eng- lewood Cliffs (Private School) 201-947-4832. Retirees welcome Electrical Engineer needed by Saint-Gobain Per- formance Plastics Corporation in Wayne, NJ. Resp for electrical con- trol systms at co.’s Wayne Facility, incl facility & automated systms rltd to mfg eqpmt. Send resumes to ML DeSimone, Job Code EE2017, 150 Dey Rd, Wayne, NJ 07470 Facility Manager Responsible for maintenance, repair & mgmt. of all company properties. Supervise staff, trades & contractors. HS diplo- ma or equivalent. Carpentry, painting basic plumbing & elec- tric skills. Needs good commu- nication, problem solving & time mgmt. skills. Manage- ment experience & computer skills a plus. Excellent bene- fits: medical, dental, 401K, paid time off. Competitive Salary. Send resume: fax 201-343-0401, The Arc 223 Moore St. Hackensack, NJ 07601 Factory Help • Machine Operators • Inspectors • Jr. Operators Will train. Great starting salary, benefits, insurance & 401k. Please apply at: Precision Custom Coat- ings 200 Maltese Dr. Totowa. Call Paul at 973-890-3873 Fax 973-890-6344 Grass Trimmer General Help. Valid driver’s li- cense. Full time, no benefits. Call 201-796-1485 Houseman Bergen County family seeking full-time houseman. Live-in 2 days. Deep cleaning of house, antiques, cars and pets. Must have a car, clean license, non- smoking, work weekends, Eng- lish speaking, legal, lift 40 pounds, & experience working for private residence. Contact INDEPENDENT CARRIERS WANTED EARN $150 TO $300 Routes available in Bergen and Passaic County. Must be at least 18 years old and available to bag and deliver newspapers on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Must have a large vehicle or van. If interested, call John Samra 973-569-7326 INDEPENDENT CARRIERS WANTED Earn $300 TO $450 per day Routes available in the towns of Paterson and Passaic. Must have a crew of 3 people and have a large vehicle or van available to bag and deliver newspapers on Thursday and Friday. Need to be at least 18 years old. If interested, call John Samra at 973-569-7326. Information Clerk - Fort Lee: provide answers & infor- mation via in person, fax & email to students & parents of our insti- tution regarding our education support services, school policy, schedule, graduation require- ments, teacher information, ets. High School or Foreign Equivalent + Fluent in Korean Language. Send ltt/res to Phil Art Studio Sci Toefl, Inc. 2025 Lemoine Ave 3 FL, Fort Lee, NJ 07024. Attn: HR Grease/Pump Truck Operator- Lrg co seek full time person. Must have experience. Vac, med, 401K. Call for intrvw 973-773-9001, fax res 973-773-9075. MAKE A GREAT IMPRESSION AT YOUR NEXT INTERVIEW. Streaming articles to keep you business savvy. Insurance Personal Lines: Customer Service/Sales. Independent Insur- ance Agency in so. Bergen Cnty seeks motivated & exp’d Personal Lines CSR to join staff. Involves both servicing book of business & selling. Must hold a current NJ P&C License & must have at least 3-yrs of personal lines customer service/sales/claim experience. Salaried position with competi- tive sales-incentive & bnft pkge. Email resume: EOE HELP WANTED Manufacturing Vitamin Manufacturer located in Carlstadt has immediate openings for the following po- sitions: HELP WANTED HELP WANTED PLUMBERS & Quality Assurance Technician with at least 2 years’ experi- ence in Food or ]][ۘ[\ B[Y[[\Y\ˈ\[[YHݙ\YZ[X[ۂ[H]X[]K]X]\X[]X[KBH[[ܘ[XYKBH[\[[\ B\][Y\\‘^\Y[Y\X[ۛBYY\KX\H[XZ[[\\[Y\›\PXY[]KKYX[X’X]H]HY\[YX[X ” ^HY ԑPUVHHHHHH[KBܛ\ݚYY ^[ٙˈYYKB[ X][ۋPUS[ ^ KM̎KM YYX[[[]\ PHYYX[\X܈œݚYH\X\[\[[K[]Y[\X\و]\B^KHHSPTK՜[Z[BX\ X[Y\ L ]X\ K ܜ[KH NL ٙXH\\[ܜYZ\ۂ]\X\]\[[BH[X\][XZ[ [[˂[XZ[؜ۙXܘY ]SPT‘^\Y[Y\H[X[ˈYZ^8&Y[X\܈\Y8&[\XBܚˈ]\]H[Y]\›X[ˈ[[YH^K[ B[[YHY]Z[ ܙX]^K[[YY\H KL̍N L[\\HݚY\X\[ۚ\[H][]H[H[\KӘ[B[\^H]]ܛ\\YZ[š[]YX[܈H[œ][ۂ[X&Y\[XH[[YH[\[YH^XB\][ۜ]Z[XK۝X[HۜH] KN N NM ^ NLLH܈[XZ[\[YHۜP[\^X\˘H[Y][B\\Y]H[\Y]˂[\^H]]ܛ\[[\]X[ܝ[]H[\Y\]\\[Y]\&\KB[KX[Xܛ[ XZ™Y[[\ ^X\KBK[\H\[ۈۛYB[ˈ  KL LL ”\]\[]]H\ZX[Y\[[Z\Kݙ\YH[B\[\][ۜو L KX\YH^[]Bܛ[][KX\\Y\[Bܛ[ ][\H^\HZ[\XX ZX\ [܋BX\܈X]H[Z[H]š[[[Z\ܝ ]\Bݙ\Y[ZYH^\\]Z\YۈܝXHX[YH\KB [ܜ \H܈[HY[ۙ\][]قۈ LL^H\]X\ 8$ [Y\HYX\K[ܝ ]\Bݙ\Y][\]Z\YXB\[H[Z[H[ۈ\][ ܈XXXZ[Z[X[[][ۜ[\H܂ˈ YZ\ M[Y\BYX\K]\HHݙ\[\B\Y\X[[\H΂ۛYHˈ\\ Xٙ]KZ]H MKXٙ  BX[\]B[\\X]B[Y\X[XМYHܜܘ]HX[\]KBۙ\X\YYٚ[H\B[[K[Y\X[X[\]H\YH\[HYZ^[][Z\[ۙY[\™ܘKY\X[Yٙ\[B[][Z[YH[]] BY[]YX[]X[YK\BXX[^\[[\X[ ٙXKœ]Z[ [\Y[\Y\[X\[H]Y[[B]KXМYH\YZ[[\B[H]HHX[]Hœ\HH\\\][ X\Hܝ\\[YH΂\XPX؜YXܜKH܂^ JHLKLMKX\[ۚ\UPUSӔSQX\[ۚ\STH^Y\X [B[\[[ \Z\\X[]\[ˈ[]\ X[B[\܈[K\Y  XYY  Rˈ[܈[MMBL H܈^\[YHMMNL K[[܈ZXܛؚ[\]^\Y[H[܈KB][ۘ[\[Y[[\BY\ˈ]\H[[ܚYZ[ˈ^\Y[H]ܛ[[ۋ][\[YܛH[[Y\ؚX]H[[[KBY\][ۈوYX\[[\œY\Y ܝ\^KH[^K\[X\ L  M ҂\X\\\\[][Y\\\ˈH YHBX[Y\ LX[KLLH[H^KLH\[[ \\ZYKTYH\Y[\YX][ۂX[ۋ[Y\ۈXX˂][XX[B\]ܜ“TSˈ\[ KT]^[ۛK\[^B N KKQ [KL΍ \K\H˝\Z؜˘K[[KBY[[X\ LM [XXK L\ˈ^ [\ ]B[ ] Y&\ˈ[ KM KN \[[ۋ\܈\H]B[] M\^ ܙYˎMM ̋MMMYH\B\^ [\H܈[\K]KZ[] YˈMNM L X[H HBYZ[ZH\HوH[\BKX\H[\H L KN [™܈B]؏“XZH[\\Y\[ݙBۈܝ\^KB[\ۙB[\Y]\” YZ^\^XH˂\[\X\[K]\ܙYZ]X[YYY[Y]\]X\XZ[X\ ٚXY[[XY[ܚ][ˈ]X[YYY\ BX[[۝X][X[\\\\[\X\ BX\[[܈^\Y[YX\[܈H\HX\ [\H[[Y][Y[\]H\Yۈ^\Y[KX\H^\[YBMM M͌ UPUSӔSQ]\\H܂ݙYۙ\ˈ[X\Y \BX\ۘXH]\ˈ KLMMMB\Y]\\XB]Z[XH ˈ ܈ [ ̋NMKN M KMMLN B܈Yܛ\[^[KY\Bۋ][[[YZ[KB[ۈ\]Z[ ^ Y&Y [XZ[ZYXZ[ BX[[YBYZ؋[\Y Y\[\ ^\Y[K[MNML NBPS QQPSTQT“TSSRSSTQUVHBB&BB–H[]YBY^K\[X\ L[H BX[XY\YX[X[[[Z[YHYYX[[\[\^X\BH^H]K[۝Z\ ([H]Y\[ۜ[MM KM B(ۛH^\Y[Y&\[HۜY\Yx&\H\[H\[^\Y[Y]\^K[X[Y[H[\X\΂YYX[ \X[[[Y]H8(XX]Bܚ]X[\H8(Y[&\\X\[\X[]\\]H[ۛ[H\X][ۈYHH\^KYHX\[ܙHX][ ][YK\ ][YH[\Y[Hܝ[]Y\H]\[H[\YHو\[%ۙH\H\\˜\H[YY[\ܝY[Z\YܝXZHHY\[KX[XY\YX[X[[[Z[YHYYX[[\ٙ\™^[[\[][ۋ[Y[\]]]H[\Y\ JH[]H[\\[\Y\X] Z][ۈ\\[K۝[Z[™YX][ۈٙ\[HX][ۈXYKHYYX[X[\H[[HXHو[[[ˈ[&]][[H[[\Bۛ[H]˛[[Z[Y[˘K˛[[Z[Y[˘BSBAH CA€@BBHB€AAHDDDEŅEFAHC„D@HAB@@ÂHCH