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Place an ad Phone: 1-888-460-5322 Email: SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2017 • SECTION J B CAREER COACH Are you just doing your job? Or developing your career? By ELI AMDUR SPECIAL TO NORTH JERSEY JOBS L et’s try an experiment. For a moment, let’s remove from your résumé the following sec- tions: summary, skills/expertise, selected accomplishments, work history, education (degrees), and community involvement. Now, how strong is your résumé? Yeah, I know: you, like most people read- ing this, are now looking at a blank piece of paper — and are wondering when, exactly, I fell off my rocker with that question. Or you are one of the much smaller number of readers who still have a lot of substance on your résumé – and are not at all looking at that blank piece of paper. You know precisely what I’m talking about. I’m talking, of course, about what you’re doing to keep growing as a professional and keep moving forward in your career: continuing professional development and professional, social and civic affiliations. If this may not seem like the greatest of revelations, why then does it seem to have escaped so many and appeared among the celestial spheres to so few? What got me onto this issue this week (even though I’ve written about it before — more than once, in fact) is the purely coin- cidental happenstance of six particular clients visiting my office on three consecu- tive days a couple of weeks ago. With three of them, their current situations are favor- able and their career trajectories are strong; with the other three, well, it’s trouble in River City. And, of course, among the six, there was a perfect correlation. On the resumes of the first three, there were professional development entries like certificates, workshops, courses, atten- dance at (even speaking at) professional conferences; and membership in industry, occupational and alumni associations. The other three had nothing of the sort. OK, but six samples does not a study make, so I decided to dig a little deeper, although I knew from the very outset exactly what I’d find. I went back and examined the resumes of 50 clients whom I had seen for the first time sometime during this calendar year. I sorted them into two groups: group num- ber one consisted of 25 whose careers and current job situations were in good shape; group number two was made up of 25 who were in career distress. Methodologically, I established three qualifications. First, the clients I studied had to have been in the workforce for ten or more years so that there could be a meas- urable (or, at least, assessable) career path; second, I excluded clients who had worked with me before, as that tends to improve things, and I wanted that factor out of the equation; and third, I included only clients in the private sector, as public sector rules of engagement are markedly different. Like I said, I knew what I’d find, but when I found it, it was even clearer and more powerful than I thought it would be. On the résumés of the first group appeared 185 listings of professional development and affiliations – an eye-opening average of 7.4 per person. On the resumes of the other 25, there were a grand total of 15 – a paltry average of 0.6 per person. This number gets even worse when you find that four of this group’s people had two each. They, as it turned out, were outliers, such as it is; the remaining 21 were virtually inactive. Now, before you start in with this not being a scientific study — and I know full well it’s not — I don’t care. It’s as good an anecdotal argument as you’re going to get, and I’m certain it would hold up no matter how large the sample and no matter how the sample would be chosen. Not only would this prove to be a statis- tical correlation, I’m willing to say that there’s a cause-and-effect relationship here, with the interesting twist that either could be the cause or the effect. In other words, does participation in these things lead to a successful career? Or does someone who is success-oriented then go on to do these things? It doesn’t matter, actually. This walks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck. It’s a duck, for God’s sake! A commitment to personal growth brings many advantages. It widens your scope and awareness by exposing you to advanced content (coursework, etc.), newsletters and blogs, and leading profes- sionals. It provides ongoing improvement (a remarkable grasp of the obvious, no?). And, if you haven’t arrived at this conclu- sion yet, it’s the best appplication of net- working you’ll ever engage in. So … doing your job? Or developing your career? Career Coach Eli Amdur can be reached at eli.amdur@amdurcoaching .com. Please note his website, www. amdurcoaching. com. Please “like” him at AmdurCoaching and follow him on Twitter (Eli Amdur). To find previous columns by Eli Amdur, visit and click on Special Sections at the very bottom of the Home Page where prior editions of North Jersey Jobs are available for viewing . 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