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Homescape I N T E R I O R D E S I G N THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2017 • H O M E P Thursday, October 5, 2017 1H A SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION OF THE RECORD Designed for Living Rooms to grow: A child’s suite that is stylish and practical. I M P R O V E M E N T 3 SECTION H Pros offer advice on key kitchen components Be inspired, know room size when remodeling By FRAN J. DONEGAN SPECIAL TO HOMESCAPE T for a very contemporary and sophisti- cated space whereas an antique gold would work well for a more transitional or eclectic space.” One of the ways Wostbrock introduces gold into a room is on win- dow treatments. “I love incorporating gold tones into the tapes on a solid panel (curtain) window treatment,” explains the designer. “This is a great wayto add texture, color and interest while still staying neutral. I also love to use metallic gold sheers on window treatments, as well, for a gorgeous sul- try look.” Of course, a logical place for apply- ing a metallic finish is on window hard- ware. Wostbrock says, “My clients use gold as their window treatment hard- ware finish all the time. Almost more often than silver. We love hardware that mixes both Lucite and gold for a very contemporary look that also draws attention to detail. You can also carry the gold from your window treat- ments into your light fixtures, side ta- bles, or nail heads just to name a few.” And don’t be afraid to mix and match metallic finishes, advises Wostbrock. “From silver to gold, mix- ing finishes creates interest to a space and opens the doors to an abundance of design aesthetics being both unique and timeless.” Stimpfle agrees. “Take a look at some of our accent pieces, such as the Zachary coffee and stacking tables, which have a silver finish over a gold base. It’s very sophisticated.” here is good news and bad news for anyone planning on remodeling their kitchen. Thanks to the Internet, there is a ton of information available on cabinets, appliances, anything that has to do with kitchens. The bad news: sooner or later all of that information turns into a wall of noise. “The Internet is a great tool, but there is so much infor- mation and so many companies that it sometimes confuses the end consumer,” said Brian Maffia, sales manager for General Plumbing Supply. GPS is headquartered in Edison with showrooms throughout the New York metro area. One solution is to use the Internet and other sources for ideas and inspiration, and then visit kitchen and appliance dealers and distributors for guidance and to help nail down your final choices. You will get to see the products up close, get your questions answered by experts and many compa- nies offer in-house design services. APPLIANCE SHOPPING If you are starting from scratch and gutting an existing kitchen, take a copy of your floor plan with you when shop- ping for appliances. This will tell the dealer how much space you have allotted to appliances. If you have not arrived at the floor plan stage and you are working with a kitchen designer, John Cioletti, president of Reno’s Appliances in Paterson, suggests that you “pick out your appliances first and then go to your designer so that he or she can fit them into the design.” Homeowners who are simply replacing the appli- ances should go armed with as much information about the existing appliances as possible. “Come with photos of the existing appliances, model numbers, if possible, and fuel sources so that we can help make intelligent decisions,” said Cioletti. What’s Hot. According to Cioletti, stainless-steel finishes are still the most popular appliance finishes. Although, many companies STERL KITCHENS are now pushing black stain- Shaker-style cabinets in less steel. Wine refrigerators are be- gray, with textured wood coming more and more popu- grain, are a modern take on a country kitchen look. lar. “More people drink wine now, but they don’t have the facilities to store it properly,” said Cioletti. “The refrigerators allow them to keep the wine at the right temperature and humidity.” What You Need to Know. The New Jersey building code requires that makeup air be provided for range exhaust hoods that remove more than 400 cubic feet per minute of air. In tightly constructed houses a powerful exhaust fan can lead to negative air pressure and cause back drafting in chimneys and flues, causing the harmful gases to flow back into the house. The makeup air solves that problem. There are a few different ways to provide makeup air. Consult a quali- fied contractor for the ways that are best for your situation. KITCHEN CABINET SHOPPING Before you visit a kitchen cabinet dealer try to develop a vision of the type kitchen you want that includes a wish list of options and an idea of the color palette. You will find inspiration in magazines, as well as online sources. When you go to the dealer bring a sketch of the room that includes wall measurements, window and door placements, appliance sizes, ceiling height and where the sink will go. “Customers can come to our showroom to see the selection of cabinets available,” said Lorraine Sterl of Sterl Kitchens in North Bergen. “And we will design the kitchen layout with them, based on the manufacturer’s offerings and See ELEGANT ACCENTS, Page 5H See KITCHEN REMODEL, Page 4H PHOTO COURTESY OF THINKSTOCK Gold is the primary color in this sophisticted room, highlighted by a swirling gold mirror and a pair of golden-yellow club chairs. polished chic R I C H & E L E G A N T Add the lustrous look of gold with Midas touches By KATHIE ROBITZ SPECIAL TO HOMESCAPE A fter taking a back seat for quite a while, gold finishes are making a comeback. And al- though metallic finishes in gen- eral continue to remain popular, noth- ing compares with rich, lustrous gold. THE GOLDEN RULE Everybody loves gray today,” says Christine S ѥͥȁЁ\0)1ԁѡIٕȁ) ЁɅ䁅ٕͥ䁵х̰ѡ՝)аM)݅Ѽ݅ɴѡ́t)5Ёͥ́Mѥܴ)ٕȰ٥͔Ʌѥݡ)ѡ5́ѽՍѼȁɽéȸ)ٽٕɑаѡͅ䰁͔)ѱЁ́݅+qeԁ͔́͡ѽ)Չѱ̰݅剔)ȁɹɔt՝)MѥqՍ́ѡé )ݥхݡ́́ѽ)ٕȁ͔%ӊéЁ՝Ѽ)ѽՍȳt̸͡)MͼͅՉѱѽՍ)ɥЁѡɥ́)ݽѽ̸qȁᅵѡe)ɝѽݸѡȁɕѱ)ɽՍɹ̰͡ɕ́ѥ)̸)ѡ՝́)ͽѕݥѠɵͥѡ)аӊéЁ́ձȁѽݥѠ)ѕɅ䁙ɹ̸͡ɑ)ѼMѥqѡé ͍)ɽչ̵ѽх́)ѕхЁ屔ݥѠ)\019TQ!8118)Ʌɽݹѡ)܁́Ȱѡ)ɅЁЁݥѠЁх)ЁѡɽéՔݡєȸ)еյմ̸%ӊe)ѡЁ́əѱݥѠ)ɸȸ%а͡)ɔɕͼՍݥѠ展́)Ȱ׊éٕ͕)܁ȁɅɅЁЁɥ̻t)MQI%-%PI% )%ѕɥȁͥȁ-ɥф]щɽ)-\ͥ]щɽ!)Iݽ́ͅѼ屔)ݡͥѡ͠qQѽ)ѡхѕ́ѡٕɅѡѥ)׊eѼٔt́ͅѡͥȸ+q͡ݽձݽɬəѱ)ɔ́ѕёȁ͕ͽ䁉ɐ) H8I)8)MA %0Q