THE POTTING SHED UK Jan/Feb Issue 2014 - Page 44

New Sweet Peas From Suttons

Suttons Seeds have been working hard with some of the best breeders to bring us some great new Sweet Peas for 2014.

Anne Gregg

These gorgeous creamy-white sweet peas will make any border look sensational! Their long stems and high scent not only make them the perfect addition to any garden, but the ideal flower for cutting and bringing into your home to use in contemporary and traditional flower displays.

£2.45 25 Seeds

Coronation Festival

With such a patriotic last few years it seemed only right that a mix of flowers was created to show off our country's colours. With deep blues, rich reds and whites, this mixture of seed is an excellent addition to any garden! The beautiful high scented flowers will make all your friends and family jealous!

£2.25 25 Seeds

Star Crossed Lovers

Like any other well suited couple, opposites attract! The softness of the light pink and white flowers combine perfectly with the deep maroon flowers. Producing a medium scent, these flowers don't only make your garden look amazing but also smell incredible too!

£2.25 25 Seeds

Sir Jimmy Shand

These magnificent large frilled and waved flowers look stunning in any garden! Their high scent and very large stems also make them ideal as cut flowers. The pink tips of the petals stream into the white base creating a very eye catching piece!

£2.25 25 Seeds


This beautiful mixture of large pink and blue flowers will make you feel like you are looking at a breath-taking sunrise right in your garden! The attractively waved petals just finish off the whole look of the flower! The incredible high scent that comes with this flower makes it one of the best to buy!

£2.25 25 Seeds


Be enchanted by this superb mix of flowers! The large waved petals on the flower vary in colour; the upper ones are a fantastic rose pink or white, with the ones lower down being a soft mauve or cream.

The delicate scent that they produce is smooth but still marvellous!

£2.10 25 Seeds