THE POTTING SHED UK Jan/Feb Issue 2014 - Page 4


5 welcome

8 Edible garden show line up

11 Welcoming new comers and remembering the past

12 Thompson and Morgan new year's honers list

14 Paul Harvey Brookes joins yealands wines

16-17 Best of You tube

18 New national collection of Malus

20-21 Book review Wildlife Photographer of the Year

22 London schools challenge

23 Celebrating 25 years of Thorncroft Clenatis

24-25 Book Review Outdoor Survival

26 RHS Champions young talent

27 M&G Investment in RHS Chelsea

28 Sutton's new French seed range

Sutton's new cut flower range

29 New national collection of Cercidiphillum

30 Britain Growing for Gold

32 National collection of Primula sieboldii

33 Suttons new products

34-35 Book review Natures Tresurehouse

36 RHS Secret garden Sunday

38 Seed Company Directory

40 RHS Show season

42 RHS response to EU legislation

44 New Sweet Peas from Sutton's

45 Magical, Myths and Legends

46-49 In The Trails Garden

50-51 Best of the 2013 Trails

52 Begonias are back in Fashion

53 UKGiant Pumpkin record beaten

54-55 Whats On