THE POTTING SHED UK Jan/Feb Issue 2014 - Page 24



Ever wanted to walk off into the woods with only the clothes on your back and at the end of the day have a three coarse dinner and shelter to spend the night in. You can do now if you take the new Haynes Outdoor Survival manual with you it will give you all the knowledge that you will need to survive.

Written by Dave Pearce who is an expert in all things survival being a former Royal Marine Commando. Is an adviser to the TV and Film industry working with such names as Bruce Parry and Bear Grylls. In May 2003 Dave reached the summit of Mount Everest via the more challenging North face.

The book is split up into sections essential equipment, finding food etc. with each section being split up again giving lots of detail and step-by-step instructions.

But this book is far more useful than just as a survival manual there are lots of useful techniques and skills. That can be used in everyday life map reading, knots and first aid are all covered in this book. Have a problem with rabbits in your garden and have been struggling to get rid of them Dave covers simple traps you can use,