THE POTTING SHED UK Jan/Feb Issue 2014 - Page 14

Fresh from winning Gold and Best Planting Award in Japan at the Gardening World Cup and announcing his involvement with the RHS Young Designer of the Year competition Paul will now be setting off to New Zealand to create a Garden at the renowned Ellerlise International Flower Show in Christchurch next year.

Paul is working with Yealands Family Wines, a winery that is dedicated to protecting the landscapes and producing wine as sustainably as possible. Yealands were awarded the Best Sauvignon Blanc in the World in 2012 and Paul says working with them on this garden has been a highly stimulating experience, ‘The garden is about shared moments, a series of pressures points in time and is the closest I have come so far to creating a concept garden’ says Paul.

The garden is a series of three discs, planted with a mixture of New Zealand native perennials and shrubs that culminates in a centre point where a single tree appears to be erupting from the ground. Paul says this area is really emotionally charged over the ground surrounding the central tree pebbles with highly personal messages and fragments of messages will be positioned. They will be written on and placed by the residents of Christchurch and represent many shared moments important to both individuals and collectively as one piece.

19 upright wooden monoliths refer to the naturally occurring lunar cycle and its significance to religious practice.

Paul continues ‘I was thrilled to be creating a Garden on Main Avenue at Chelsea in its 101st year but added to that to be going to New Zealand as well makes it a busy but hugely exciting year and I cannot wait to see some of our best loved plants growing in their natural habitat’.

Ellerslie International Flower Show takes place in late February in Christchurch and is New Zealand’s premier horticultural event.

Paul Hervey-Brookes joins Yealands Wines in New Zealand