The Portal November 2017 - Page 8

THE P RTAL November 2017 Page 8 When the Ordinariate came along Patti realised it was something important, because of what Pope Benedict had said to the bishops at Oscott at the end of his visit in 2010, so she went along to the first ordination in Westminster Cathedral. “I don’t think I realised what a big deal it was going to be until I was actually there. I “She made a point of talking to him every night so thought this is quite momentous.” no one else moved in on him. But it took ages before “I went looking for the Ordinariate. I already knew anything came of it. Eventually we got married at the end of 1976. Patrick arrived in June of 1987. When I Joanna Bogle; we had been on the committee of the was nine months pregnant, Ian was diagnosed with Association of Catholic Women for years.” cancer. He was coming to visit me in hospital then “It was either at that ordination or shortly after that I going off to be treated in another hospital. met Fr Chris Pearson. I seemed to keep bumping into “Our son Patrick was 15 months when Ian died. That him. That’s how I kind of knew Precious Blood Church was on the cards. was a pretty interesting couple of years. told us, “This may come as a surprise to you, but I occasionally visited the local pub and the land lady was a good friend of mine. This guy arrived in the neighbourhood while I was away in the States for the summer, and she thought he’d do for me. “We used to go there before it was actually theirs. We “I was a professional tennis player, but I stopped when I got married. Back then, there were two role used to show up on a Thursday night before Evensong models: Billie Jean King who saw her husband for half and walk around the parish saying the Rosary trying an hour periodically in an airport, and Margaret Court to claim the territory. whose husband travelled around the world carrying “With regard to the Ordinariate Rite, the Tudor her bags. I just didn’t fancy either of those. language I like to think, picks up the history of our “When Patrick was a baby I worked for the Lawn Church in this country, how it went through the time Tennis Assosciation in the training department. It of the Reformation and some people hung on to the became a nightmare. In the end I was doing a part Catholic faith. time job in the morning and Patrick was at nursery, We commented that Patti seemed quite happy at then I would go pick him up and do my coaching in the afternoon. And that became such a mess, that Precious Blood. She replied, “Yes, but you do know when I was offered a full time job in the nursery right that’s just a side line. I’m actually the sacristan at the around the same time as I was offered a full time job Holy Redeemer down the road.” in the place I worked in the morning, that I thought Jackie said, “So you’ve never became Ordinariate?” someone is speaking to me here so what happened. I “No I’m not eligible - I’m just tolerated!!” chose the nursery option. “My faith is important, I couldn’t have done without it.” We wondered when the Catholic faith kicked in. Patti said it was when she was at school. “From the age of 13 I always had somebody important in my life who was a Catholic who I could go to Mass with. “But you can be an associate member.” “Is there such a thing?” “Indeed there is!” We are grateful to Patti for her welcome and “When I was travelling playing tennis, it was really easy to go to Mass because there was a posse frankness. She will be in our prayers, as we hope we of Catholics on the circuit. It is amazing how many are in hers. Catholics are involved with professional sport. The Armenian Orthodox Apostolic Church ... continued from page 6 Those of Anglican tradition should be prou BbFV &BvFFR&V2gFW"RvVGFGW&W767&VBG26&7F2'FR֖ƖFP6W&6bVvB&Fǒ7RWf"FR&V0FFRv&BvW'2ख#RFR&V6W&666VBG0S'G'2B&VWFgVV'&6RbFPG&bFW"6W&62'BbFRG&FF6&VB'Rg&62BǒFV6&VBFVЧF&R'G'2bFRvR6W&6RFRFP&V7&GV7FW"7Bw&Vv'b&V&WfW&VB''FFB6FƖ2ƖRF7F"`FRVfW'66W&6