The Portal November 2017 - Page 4

THE P RTAL November 2017 Joanna Bogle updates us on LOGS’ plans L With a sprinkling of holy water Page 4 OGS – the Ladies Ordinariate Group – was founded in what was then a distinctly bleak room at Church of the Most Precious Blood at London Bridge. The room was meant to be the sacristy, but had become a sort of general storage space and was also used for weekday Mass. That soon changed when the parish was given into Ordinariate care – it’s now again a magnificent sacristy, its original lantern-roof restored to its glory, tall panelled cupboards of dark wood holding vestments, and a sense of prayer as this is where priests and servers prepare for Mass. (Weekday Mass attendance is now substantial: the idea of even attempting to squeeze into the sacristy space is simply absurd).  And LOGS, growing and thriving, meets in the big parish Long Room at London Bridge, and al 6BFR&F&FPw&W( 2&B'vB( 2BBf&W2FW 6F2vVvR&Rw&vR6VR&Vr@vR&V6VFǒvVBFv6vF&W"fgF&'FFगBv2rVBw&vRBBgVfV@W"W2BWV7FF2u26WBfbg&Х&V6W2&B6W&6vF&W76rB7&ƖpvFǒvFW"g&g"2gFW"vVVFV6FP72v6vv2V6FrVrWGV7V6R*vRvW&RFRfW'6f'F&RBVֆФW6RFRg&F&WBBFRW6RbVW@&BFw'W6R( 2'V'FRFVƖvFgVVp6VGbW"Gbv6v( 2FPv7G&VWBf"W"VWFrvRBFǒ72FP6W&6bFRV6FB6fVBFR6P6VBFw'W6R&V6VB7&72V6@6W'G&BBvRVBFW&RFvWFW"FvfRW 2BW2FW"G&W"u2BvFW&VBv6vf"rЧVBFRb&VfV7FBrf"FRgWGW&R6GFrFw'W6R&WfWvru27FfFW066RFRfVFFbFRw&W6RffRV'2vvRfVBV6f"v6FvfRF3( &'6627&72w&VFW"FFp'BFR&N( 2&W"&V7BVǐ( &W"&f"6G&VV&Ɨ6VB'( ( ( ( ( w&FW0w&6WvrBgVFVB'FR6FƖ2Vbw&VFW"'&F&GV6VB2&Rf 6G&VFR&N( 2&W"&V7BB6rf&RB6&7F&62BfFPFW&WBu2w&vW2FƗGFV&R&V'Wv⓲vG7F&Rf6F26VG&R&&֖v67FW'2bFR%dғ&आV'Wv( 26FBRBV'W'&F&FR&6&VwV"VWFw2BF'&FvR@'vBvFf&WGb7VW'06&6vrV6V"BF'&FvR&v7FF7FBFRDt$E2EdTBfW7FfB&^( `vRFR2f"#FR&N( 2&W"&V7@vFR6RvvFVfWG26VBF&'662V'VG&W2F'&fR'FRVBbFPV7FW"FW&WfW'6BFr'B&V6VfW26&@vFFR&N( 2&W"BB6Rf"FR6@F6v2"W"^( gvRvvWBV6&vW V&W"bFW6R&FVB2vR&WB7BV"v^( fRW"W7VVWFw2vFwVW7B7VW'2( 0B6Rw&vRG&2FFR6&RbW GBvW6FVBF7B'( 2B7G&v&W''vR&VBFFW2f"FRFF6b7Fr@6rFR&W2W"vu2FW6vVB&W &f"FR&N( 2&W"&V7BvRRF`BvFV6FR72B6R6R&Vg&W6VG2BvRBv6vvRvƶVBFRǐ֖RF&BFR6&RBvFW&VBFR7@֖6V2&6&W'&W22vRvFW&VB&6@B6VW'WfVrFvWFW"fW"vBVG&FF7GR