The Portal November 2017 - Page 22

THE P RTAL November 2017 Ukrainian families being enrolled into Diocesan Catholic Parishes. This struck a chord, as one has heard the same complaint from Ordinariate clergy. Apart from misunderstanding within the Church, delegates were also concerned about the corrosive effect of the totally secular society on members of the Catholic Faith, especially the young. Page 22 Lonchyna. He told T he P ortal it is a problem in their churches, “We have a good number of young people in our Cathedral, but of the whole number of Ukrainian young people in London, it is a small percentage.” He continued, “Parents complain that their children do not listen to them, or go to church with them. This happens even in well-educated families. Modern means of communication are therefore The Very Revd Father Ukrainian traditions and practices Mykola Matwijiwskyj Chancellor most important. We have to meet the are being lost and it appears that, but of the Eparchy of The Holy Family young people where they are, not where for immigration, numbers would we are.” have fallen. As it is, the movement of migrants from Easter Europe to the With regard to proselytising, the UK has actually increased Eastern Rite Bishop said, “We accept everyone and numbers. anyone who wants to come to our church. We do not force anyone to come. Our friend Dr Caroline Farey gave a Some come from different churches, potent talk under the title “Catechesis and want to remain such. But they come – An Annunciation Pedagogy for to our churches and we welcome them Catechesis”. This produced some as we do our own people”. impassioned agreement from the Major Archbishop, His Beatitude Sviatoslav As part of the conference, Divine Shevchuk. Liturgy on the Saturday was celebrated in Westminster Cathedral, and on Father Mark Woodruff Other topics covered were Mystagogy Society of St John Chrysostom Sunday at the Holy Family Cathedral in “The ecclesial edifice as a witness to Mayfair. the Mystagogy of the undivided Church” and “The T he P ortal is most grateful to the Eastern Catholic Liturgical Year and Mystagogy: Entering into the Paschal Mystery”. A most interesting talk was given Bishops of Europe for this exclusive and privileged by Jack Figel on “Catechesis in the 21st century”. He access to their meeting. Especially we thank Bishop stressed the importance of digital communication, Hlib, the Chancellor of the Eparchy, and Myrosia who facilitated our visit, as well as Fr Mark Woodruff, especially with young people. whose idea it was T he P ortal be in attendance. It has This was a subject to take up with Bishop Hlib been a great privilege. Using Smartphones and Tablets to aid prayer ... continued from page 17 encouraged by those within the episcopate. The youth of today need to learn traditional values and teachings but it is also clear they need to be approached in a language they understand so encouraging the praying of the daily offices on phone apps would certainly be something positive. device if liturgical apps are being used in an appropriate manner and bringing people to God through prayer, encouraging prayer and helping people to deepen their spiritual lives and bring people closer to God then surely that is a good thing? We must remember that God is the source of all life While smartphones can be seen as secular devices human and divine, all creation belongs to God and as that can be used for improper purposes, the same such as a point directed towards those who agree with could be said of a breviary - in all honestly if one really Cardinal Sarah I would say it is good that I and many wanted to it would be quite easy to hurt someone others have graced our phones with the word of God seriously by bashing a breviary over their head! and put something sacred into something secular. Prayer should be an important part of the daily life of All issues in life  including this debate, need to be a Catholic and in my opinion the use of a smartphone examined in context, while smartphones are a secular app to aid prayer is not a bad thing.