The Portal November 2016 - Page 8

THE P RTAL November 2016 more so. The mass drew one into the heart of the Catholic Faith. No mere holy meal this. Here we were taken by the words of the Upper Room, right to the divine sacrifice at Calvary. holy, splendid, moving ... Catholic It was holy. It was splendid. It was moving. It was altogether Catholic. Yet the words were those of the Book of Common Prayer. Familiar words to most Anglicans, but now used in a Catholic Rite. This was ecumenism in action. As His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI said, a prophetic movement of the Holy Spirit. Page 8 in the church in the last fifty or so years. He reminded us that merely repeating the failures of the past will just not do. To evangelise the nation we need a totally new strategy, and he outlined some broad principles that may help us in that direction. Listen to his talk in full and maybe we can all get some ideas. Fr Ignatius (right), the Provost of the Oratory, encouraged in in our distinctive liturgy and calendar and asked one provocative question. Once again, listen to his remarks on We closed the mass with the prayers for Blessed our web site. Perhaps these two John Henry Newman’s canonisation and we all had the talks will prompt some of you to write to The Portal about our opportunity to venerate his relic. purpose, objectives and goals. Upper Cloister Room After lunch we gathered in the Upper Cloister Room for two talks, both of which are on the Portal website at The first was given by The Revd Dr Stephen Morgan (left). He is our very own in two ways. Firstly because of his monthly articles on Blessed John Henry Newman in The Portal and secondly as a member of the Ordinariate Finance Committee. He spoke about Newman and the job of the Church in the modern world. He covered the loss of confidence After Benediction, we all made our ways home. It was the final act in a series of Pilgrimages that had taken the Ordinariate to Wales, Scotland, Italy, Devon, Sussex, Norfolk and Birmingham. In all these places our Pilgrimage was centred on the Year of Mercy. It leaves us with lots of happy memories, lots of holy thoughts and experiences. But is this Year of Mercy an easy way of avoiding the consequences of our ill Gf6VB7F3vRFBFW&R2FRG'VR7F'bGv&W7G2FWvW&PFƶr&WBFRfF&W"vW&RvR6f f&vfVW72f"F6RvW7V6ǒVVBvN( 2W&7R&W7B6B( W2vRrvFW&R( ХFRFW"&WƖVB( ŖW2fFW"B2W2( Р