The Portal November 2016 - Page 4

THE P RTAL November 2016 Joanna Bogle DSG has been mulling over these three words I Auntie Jo a n Places, Language, Traditions Page 4 t was very satisfying – but not surprising - to discover that the na wri tes splendid Darlington Ordinariate were celebrating Trafalgar Day... and, knowing them, it will have been an absolutely splendid evening.  One of the highlights of 2016 for me was the magnificent St George’s Day feast with them, the hall at Gainsford ringing with singing, followed the next morning with even more glorious music in the packed church. Ordinariate clergy Traditions are important and the Ordinariate is good at them.  We are also quick to establish traditions of our own.  Plenary meetings of Ordinariate clergy have found a home at St Patrick’s in London’s Soho Square, and part of the tradition now is freshly-brewed coffee on arrival... with thanks to Patti and Jackie of LOGS who organise and preside at this.  Part of the tradition is catching up on LOGS news and views in the kitchen, often coming up with good ideas for speakers or projects. established is Evensong at Precious Blood Church on Thursdays. With a small professional choir, the candles glowing in the sanctuary, darkness gathering beyond the high windows, it is a most lovely, lovely experience.  A recent survey showed that Evensong in Britain’s great cathedrals has become steadily more and more popular over recent years.  This does not surprise me. In a rapidly-changing and often ugly world, with uncertainty about so many things, the gloriously reassuring words of the psalms going back and forth, the familiar Lord’s Prayer, the sense of a day completed and given to God, all make for something simply wonderful. authentic traditions Establishing a tradition has its own dynamic – it doesn’t always work as planned. Things have their own life, and as years go by, things get added and a sense of Carol Singing shared memories gets developed and passed on.  But   A more formal LOGS tradition is carol singing at part of what the Ordinariate is all about is gathering London Bridge station (December 20th, starts 6.30pm the best of Anglican traditions, in music, in liturgical – anyone in good voice who wants to join us is warmly style, in parish life, and sharing them with the wider welcome).  And this tradition has itself given rise to Church and, in due course, with future generations. more: as of last year we’ve established the Carol Singing Dinner afterwards, at which stories are swapped The Church cherishes authentic traditions – not just and enjoyed. We recall the lady who suddenly swept those within the Church, but all traditions that are, or down on us with a large bouquet because she so much could be, filled with a Christian spirit. We are people enjoyed our music, the various tourists who take selfies of place, people who belong to one another and have with us as the background, the that-was-a-good-party local loyalties as well as a sense of common humanity.  types who join the singing as they hurry to their train, with varying degrees of success. Pope Benedict XVI, when asked abut his own sense of identity said that as a priest he belonged to every London Ordinariate tradition country, everywhere, but “my heart beats Bavarian”. Singing, but of a more dignified kind:  another And our hearts too beat with the places we love and London Ordinariate tradition that is now becoming the language we speak and the traditions we follow.