The Portal November 2016 - Page 20

THE P RTAL November 2016 Page 20 Aid to the Church in Need Christian bishops unite for peace as “warmongering” continues in Syria Murcadha O Flaherty With the sixth year of civil war raging in Syria, an appeal for peace from more than one million children has been presented by bishops of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches to the UN and EU on behalf of all children suffering in this war. From 10th to 13th October, Patriarch Gregorios III, head of the Melkite Greek Catholic church, Greek Orthodox Metropolitan George Abou Zakhem of Homs and Syriac Orthodox Bishop Selvanos Boutros Al Nemeh of Homs attended meetings at the EU parliament in Brussels and UN headquarters in Geneva. They requested that the children’s appeal for peace was acted upon by these two influential bodies. In Geneva, Church leaders gave messages and drawings by Syria’s children to the High Commissioner for Refugees, Dr Filippo Grandi, and the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Prince Al-Huzain. The children’s messages calling for peace were organised by Aid to the Church in Need partners in Syria, including Sister Annie Demerjian. Sister Annie ensures aid is given to all people in severe need in the cities of Aleppo and Hassake in northern Syria. Children of all faiths expressed their wish for peace through prayer, songs and activities during the nationwide ‘Peace for the Children – Syria 2016’ on the 7th October. by the sixth year of civil war, heightened by international warmongering.” ACN is working with Church partners in Syria like Sister Annie to provide emergency parcels of medicine, food and blankets to all families remaining in Syria – irrespective of their religious background. To date, more than £11.4 million in emergency aid has been given by ACN’s benefactors across the parishes of England, ACN benefactors are assisting both those Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) still in Syria and Christians refugees seeking the sanctuary of the Church in neighbouring countries, including Jordan and Lebanon. In August this year, ACN provided humanitarian aid including: support of 600 Syrian refugees and their Lebanese host families for two months, £6,000 for feeding and caring for Syrian and Iraqi refugee children by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd in Lebanon. With the approach of winter, the charity is The pet ѥȁѡɕɥѥѥȀԁ́9Mɥ)݅́ɅѥЁѡѥՕ啅́́ݕ́ɕե́Ȁɵ ѡ+q݅ɵɥtMɥ́ѕ9٥́ͼMɥɔѡ а)-ɭMѠ 8U,9ѥɕѽȁ՝ЁݡݥɔɝɕՑ(ɕ1хѡɸMɥ)ѡ́啅ȸ!ͅ+qQɽ՝ѡ ɍ 8ٕ́役)́Ʌѕѡ ٕѼMѕ)ɩȁѡѥɝ)Ʌѥ́ɽ́Mɥȁɕ()ȁɵѥЁѼѡ) ɍ9܁ԁ)͔٥ͥЁܹլɜȁхЁ́)լɜȁ́Ȁ((0