The Portal May 2018 - Page 19

THE P RTAL May 2018 Page 19 On Monday, Alfie’s father Thomas Evans posted a video on Facebook saying that when the hospital staff removed Alfie’s ventilator at 9:17 p.m., he was able to breathe on his own. The toddler lived for more than four days without the machine. “Alfie’s sustained his life since 17 minutes past nine,” Thomas Evans said. “He’s needing oxygen but the hospital won’t give him any.” brain. Doctors from Alder Hey and additional doctors consulted by Alfie’s parents agreed that the child had a fatal neurodegenerative disorder. It remained undiagnosed to the end. In the video, he said his son’s fingers were beginning to turn blue and Alfie was losing colour. However, after the parents gave the child mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, the child began to breathe on his own. Later Alfie was given oxygen. Alfie’s aunt, Sarah Evans posted a message on the “Alfie’s Army Official” Facebook page soon before he died asking supporters for prayers. “Our warrior is needing prayers and 100 deep breaths sending to Alfie,” she wrote. “Inhale and exhale then do another 100 please. Please pray for our warrior.” They refused to give permission. Undeterred, the hospital went to court to argue that ending treatment was in the child’s best interests. On February 20, 2018, Mr  Justice Heydon of the UK Supreme Court ruled that it was in Alfie’s “best interests” to discontinue treatment, to be removed from his life support, and to receive palliative care at Alder Hey. When Alfie’s condition declined, the hospital began to pressure his parents to remove him from life support. Alfie’s parents appealed the decision before the UK Court of Appeal and the UK Supreme Court before pleading their case before the European Court of Human Rights this March. The ECHR ruled that their Alfie would have turned two on May 9th. A video appeal to take their son elsewhere in the European taken of him on the day of his court-ordered death Union was “inadmissible” and that the child’s rights showed the toddler looking around the room, under the European Convention on Human Rights were not being violated. The court also refused to responsive and alert. block Heydon’s decision that Alfie’s doctors could It is a tragic ending to a sad story that began shortly remove the boy’s life support. after Alfie was born to his then-teenage parents. In July 2016, he was referred to hospital for a “divergent squint” Alder Hey then applied to the High Court to set a (one eye turning outwards). By the time he was four date for his treatment to end. Alfie’s parents responded months old, his mother noticed other troubling signs. with more appeals, all of which were denied. Alfie’s smile had become less frequent, he was sleeping too much, and he showed little interest in interactions Pope Francis repeatedly spoke out in support of Alfie’s and playing with toys. By six months, he showed signs parents, and an Italian priest, Fr. Gabriele Brusco, of significant developmental delay. An MRI showed offered spiritual help to the Evans fa չѥ݅)ѡЁ́Ʌ݅́Ёٕɽɱ)ɕѼ1=ɥ䰁ɥѡU,!) ЁéɕϊdѡЁѡ䁉)݅́ѕѼȁ!䁡хéɝ䁅ݕѼѥՔɥȁѡȁͽɑɕ)ѵЁȀа؁ѕȁͽȁ!ɕٔ́Ёɥ̸)՝ѕɅɔɑѼ)Չ͕ՕЁЁͥqɡѡɭ)ɵ́ݽɑ́ȁ5 Օ)ȁܻ́́tQ͕݅́ݥѠ)ٽȁѡAͽ=ɑɥє)є٥Ʌɽѥ́ͥɽ)=ȁ1䁽]ͥȁ])ɥձͥ!Ѽɬѡ͔)$%YѼѡ=ɑɥє=ȁ1)͕ɕ́ݽ͕ѡЁ丁݅́ѡɕѕ))]ͥЁMՅɔ1)ݥѠ5齱ѡѡѠݥѠYѥ)\)Hѡմ}}}}}|չ̀ ()ѕѽȁ͍ɥ̃qѽ͗tɽ)$%I PѡЁѡɕЁѡQɕɕȁȁѡ)ѡ́ѥ݅ɐ=Ȁ䰁Ё͍ٕ݅́ɕ)ɽȁȁѡAͽ=ɑɥє=)ѡЁͱ܁ɕѡɅє͕)1䁽]ͥ͡ՙ)ɕѡݕЁѼɑɕЁ݅)͍ɝѼᕍѽȸ))ٕ坕ͬ)$%YѡɕͥՔ䁕хєѼѡ)=ɑɥє))=)1))!݅́ѕѼѡAɥ%ѕͥٔ ɔ)]ͥ())MՅɔ)1)\)Uа݅́ѕȁ͕ݥѠյ%()H$%I PѡЁѡɕЁѡQɕɕ))Յܰéɕ́ݕɔ݅ɹ)ȁѡȁɽȁȁѡAͽ=ɑɥє)9ٕѡ̰ѡɕٕɕɽյ)=ȁ1䁽]ͥ͡)ЁݥѡЁ䁥ɽٕЁѼѡѠ)ՙЁ͍ɝѼᕍѽȸ