The Portal May 2018 - Page 18

THE P RTAL May 2018 Page 18 What the Blogs are saying Will Burton has been following the tragic story of Alfie Evans T he Blogs have been busy with the tragic story of little Alfie Evans. At www.tunbridgewells- our own Fr Ed Tomlinson wrote: “As people around the world look on in horror at the treatment of baby Alfie Evans, a few points worthy of reflection. There are times doctors must make difficult decisions and extraordinary care needs to be withdrawn from a patient. This would include things like medicine and machines that enable lungs and heart to function. What is never acceptable, according to Catholic teaching, is withdrawal of  ordinary care (food, water and oxygen) because at this point you shift from allowing natural death to enforcing unnatural death, e.g. EUTHANASIA. Alfie has not been fed for over 20 hours. pressed ahead and it now feels, rightly or wrongly, as if they are desperate for him to die to prove them right. The time to remove  extraordinary care  is when somebody is already in the process of dying. That is to say, they would die even if given ordinary care. Alfie Evans was NOT in the process of dying when food, water and oxygen were withdrawn. He could easily have been handed to another medical team and, thanks to the Vatican, that team was/is ready and waiting to help. That this has been refused cannot be said to be ‘in Alfie’s best interest’ when your ‘best interest’ for him is death by starvation and dehydration. On April 28, 2018 we read on www.catholicismpure. “From LifeSiteNews  Alfie Evans died today in a Liverpool children’s hospital at   2:30 a.m. local time. Despite last-minute interventions, including the Italian government’s gift of citizenship to the infant, the child died four days after doctors at the Alder Hey NHS (National Health Service) Foundation ignored his parents’ wishes and removed him from a ventilator. This blog has long warned of the danger of creeping liberal totalitarianism in the West. One in which the State claims for itself powers and privileges rightly belonging to our families. Here we see that writ large. First they came for Alfie… How will we defend the rights of the family? It is a pressing concern for us all.” His mother Kate James informed well-wishers of the boy’s death by posting a message on the “Alfie’s The medical staff are today claiming victim status and Army Official” Facebook page. “Our baby boy grew telling repor ѕ́ѡ䁙ѡɕѕQ́́ɽչ䁡́ݥ́ѽЁЀtѡչѡȁɽє)ɽٕѡЁѡͅѡɥѥ́q]ɔЁɽQԁٕ役ȁ)ɑɽչéхѡɕѕ́и5䁝ѽȁ䁑ݸ́͡)ɕ́ݥѠх͕ȁ͡ձѡхѡȁЁ́ݥ́ЀÊͽѕ䁡щɽ$1=Y)ѡɽ%ɔ䁅Ёѡȁݡe=T5dUdtQ́م́ͅ)́ɕѕѡѡхє́ѼɕЁ)ݡѡЁЁiɼѡ䁥ѡ͔Յѕ))́م́݅́ѥ͕ ѡ)ٕ܁ѡ䁡ٔɕѕ)ѡȸ!́ѡȁ́ѼѡIɵɅѥ)%ѥ͕ɔѡɕͽ̰)Aɥ́ͥUՉѕѡхٕȁɅЁѼٕɑѼ ѡѕ)ȁѡ́ͥՅѥѼɥ͔ ЁЁ́ݸѼq ѥ͕չȃaѡɕͽd́)Ё͔͕٥́ȁɅ̳tݕѕȁ)͕Mܰ ѡ)ɕͅѼЁхͥɔѼɍݕȁѡЁЁ=ᙽɐUٕͥ七q!́䰁ٕ役)хєٕȁѡ丁]ѕٕȁѼaѽ͔́ٽٕt)٥͔ɕ́d%Ёɥ́ɽՐՑ)ɽՐѕݥѠȁɕɐ)%хѕЁՕ́ݕͥєȁ!)ѡͅѥ䁽ՔѼձɅѥՑ́́ ɕé!х1ٕͅ胊q])ՍѡЁ́ɽɔ)ݥ͠Ѽɕ́ȁљЁѡ䁅)Ѽé䁅Ёѡ́ɕ䁑ɕͥѥ)QͥѼɕٔ݅ѕȁ坕́䁙ȁ-єQ́ݡ)݅́хѡɅݽձ٥ٔ䁅ȁѡ՝́ɔݥѠѡQ́́)ѕ́ݥѡЁɕѡՉ]٥ٕمхѥɹ䁙ȁѡݔݽձͬѡ)ѥɔЁݥѡЁЁѡЁ݅́ѡѥȁѡѡȁɥم䁅ѡɥم䁽хЁȁ!䁥)ѡɥѥ́Ѽ͔ɕ٥ܸ%ѕѡɕѕt