The Portal May 2018 - Page 13

THE P RTAL May 2018 the Ordinariate was taking over St Margaret Mary. I came and saw the Mass cards on the Altar, and I heard the Lenten Collect. I loved it. It is right up my street, and I was bowled over. “After three weeks, I changed to the customary from the breviary. I have the study edition of Divine Worship on order. Divine Worship takes us where we are supposed to be – at the foot of the cross. It is great for us as a parish. We now have Mass every day, and funerals and baptisms. The other week there was a queue of mums and dads with children seeking to book baptisms! Some don’t like it, but by and large it is great and a great blessing. “I have lived here for thirty years, and it was only when Fr Andrew came that I went into the Presbytery. They had an ‘Open Day’ on Easter Monday. I spent hours drinking red wine! All this means the congregation is now stable.” Page 13 form at Cardinal Langley doing Biology and Zoology. They are both cradle Catholics. They both thought Divine Worship took a bit of time to get used to. But now Shelagh quite enjoys it, but Emily “loves it! Because it is more holy, more reverend.” Gerard McCarthy Mike Forbester Shelagh was brought up on the Extraordinary Rite with Holy Communion kneeling, and she prefers that posture to receive the sacrament. “I feel have been to mass here. We are more connected,” she said. Emily said, “Having our own priest is wonderful.” For all those with whom we spoke, Fr Andrew being married is not an issue. We moved to the Presbytery for a lovely lunch. Fr Andrew said, “It is good here. The house is lovely. Built before the church, originally there was the house and a hall which was used as the church. That was in the 1 ̸Qɍ݅́եЁ܁)́Ѐă 􁵥́ɽ䁽 ɥ͠)Ʌɐ5 ѡ䁥́ɕѥɕ+q]ٔȁѡЁͥ́)Ʌѽ))5ѕ)ݥѠ]͕ٔ)Aɥͽ٥͕مаȃĹ)ɕ5Ʌé5́ѕѼ)ͅLɬѼ役!ѽ́)٥]͡ѡ5̈́)Ʌ ѡٕ́M)̸Qɔ́ չ)5ɝɕЁ5Aɥ́͠)ѕЁѡɅՅ)!ѡ͕qQ=ɑɥє)̸ٕͅ%Ё݅́ѡ́ȁ͕+q]ɥٕɔՅ䰁)ݸ$ѡ$)ɕ͕ЁЁ́ЁݽɭЁݡ)M)Ёȁɕ܁́丁%)́Q ѕ)́ɥи!́ɕЁɥи!́ٽѥ)5́́ݕɕٕЁ̃Lѕȁ)Ѽѡͥ́хѥ ɔ+LAɥ䄁ѡ՝ѡɥ͠)ͽ݅́ȁѡ䁑ݔѼ)́ձЁѥѽɅ䰁ѡɔ)ɥЁɽ͕ݡɔ9܁ȁɕ)ɔͽɕ́ͅɔQAɕ͕хѥ)́ɔ́Ё)Mѕ́ٔɕаɕ䁝Q)݅ЁѼհ݅́ѡ+q]ٔȁͽݕ̸)́ɔ)ٔЁѡɥ͠Q䁡ѕѡ)͡ɕаݔɔȁ̰) QLq]t͔ȁ1иQݕɔ)ɕ̰չѥ䰁Սɥѥ)ѼͼͽЁɽ́ɵ)Mѕٔ?e )5ѕ̸Q٥є́ȁѼ)Ѽ]͑5́х)ٽٕ%Ёٕ́́܁͔))ݔɔѡ݅丁Qɔ)ɔͽݡЁ+q$ɕ䁕፥ѕѼɔ)ЁѡЁ̸݅́5́)%Ё́ɥ٥Q)٥]͡ፕЁѡY)ѡ=ɑɥє=ȁ1䁽)́Mɑ䁕ٕݡ)]ͥ9Ѡ5ѕȻt)ѡI5ͅt)ѽͽЁ݅́ѥȁ́Ѽ)MѼ́ݥѠ)ٔЁݔͼݥѠ䁥)ȁ՝ѕȁ丁Mݽɭ)̰Ʌ́ȁ́)ЁMЁ5ɝɕЁ5䁅́Q)ѡ́ݽəհɥ́͠ɥ)Yɽ ɥЁ!Mхɭ)ͥхаݡ䁥́ѡͥѠ)