The Portal June 2018 - Page 3

THE P RTAL June 2018 Page 3 Rosary on the Coast Jean Chinery reports H Deal Ordinariate ... in the rain with Fr Christopher Lindlar the 400 or so groups of lay faithful to post the location of where th they would be saying the Rosary on Sunday 29 April at 3pm to pray for the renewal of faith, the protection of life and for the flourishing of peace in our lands. emel Hempstead Ordinariate Mission was one of The sharing of this information on the Rosary on the Coast website www.rosaryonthecoast. meant that members of the Ordinariate and of the parish at Hemel were joined on Brighton beach by visitors from Mexico and the USA, a group of Polish Catholics from London and some Augustinian Sisters from Burgess Hill among others! We were not the only group on the beach either – there were two more large groups that had gathered further along from Brighton Pier for the same purpose. It was a very moving experience as we felt a real spiritual bond of union with the thousands of other people across England, Scotland and Wales all reciting the Rosary together at the same time. There were also thousands of people abroad praying for, and with, us (e.g. over 23,000 people tuned in to EWTN’s global live stream of the event at Wells- next-the-Sea near Walsingham). Hemel Ordinariate with Fr Simon Chinery at Brighton Pier Isle of Wight Ordinariate with Fr Jonathan Redvers Harris Whithorn Ordinariate with Fr Simon Beveridge at St Ninian’s Cave on Whithorn beach The huge number of people responding has been an inspiration to many both here and overseas and a sign of great hope for the spiritual renewal of our lands. We had been inspired by the witness last year when the people of Poland and Ireland felt called to gather on the boundaries of their countries to pray for the regeneration of faith. We were prompted into action by the rallying calls and thought provoking words of Bishop John Keenan of Paisley Diocese and Mgr John Armitage of Walsingham asking people to make a pilgrimage to the coast (or, if unable to travel, to meet with others at an appropriate inland location) to pray the Rosary and form a ring of grace around our coasts. The huge response to this initiative demonstrates how many people trust in the intercessory power of the Rosary to call down supernatural solutions to the problems that our world is currently facing. These people are recognising that (in Bishop Keenan’s words) “when society is caught in great evil they need to look to a supernatural approach, appeal to God for forgiveness with prayers of reparation and atonement and ask for his mercy and the grace to resist evil”. We are told that the Rosary on the Coast Team would now like to hear from people about what might be done to follow up on this momentous event. What do you believe the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church at this present time? Do you see the 29th April event and the desire to pray the Rosary as a good spiritual preparation for the Eucharistic Conference being held in Liverpool later this year and for the year 2020 when England will be rededicated under its ancient title of the Dowry of Mary? What other thoughts do you have about the day and any potential follow up to it? Share your thoughts with the Rosary on the Coast team - email: or visit www. We are also asked It was a great blessing to be supported by so many to pray for similar events being organised in other of our bishops, priests and religious in this endeavour. countries, inspired by what happened in these isles.