The Portal June 2018 - Page 23

THE P RTAL June 2018 Page 23 English assertion of independence from Rome, or now was a response to overtures on the part of Anglican merely the eloquence or piety of the priest celebrant communities and their representatives seeking full who speaks them, but rather the words of the Church communion with the See of Peter. and her faith. For their part, these overtures expressed aspirations IV The English tradition both before and after for corporate reunion that can be documented within the Reformation left its mark on Catholic theology, Anglicanism since at least the seventeenth century and worship, and pastoral practice. One only need that have been given voice many times in the history think, for example, of Blessed John Henry Newman of Anglican relations with the Holy See. whose influence on the Second Vatican Council has On the momentous occasion when divine been well documented and acknowledged. With the publication of Anglicanorum coetibus, there is now a providence caused these aspirations finally to be structure within the Catholic Church that both gives realised, the successor of Peter was moved to give that English tradition concrete expression as well as concrete expression to the liturgical elements of the Anglican patrimony and to incorporate them as fosters is growth. modes of worship fully legitimate in the sacred liturgy The Ordinariates, with their English liturgical of the Church. patrimony, are being invited to be guardians and In this way, a new pathway seems to have been opened promoters of its own long and varied tradition as a gift to the shared with the whole Church. Divine Worship: up before us. Inevitably, the question arises with regard Occasional Services and The Missal give voice to the to other elements of the Anglican patrimony - such faith and tradition of prayer that has nourished the as apostolicity which has our attention during this conference: can we tease out and generalise the pattern Catholic identity of the Anglican tradition. of judgment opened up by Anglicanorum coetibus There is much in this tradition that remains to and the work of the interdicasterial commission that be recovered: the zeal for sacred beauty, parochial resulted in the books of Divine Worship and apply it experience of the Divine Office, a robust devotional to other elements of the Anglican patrimony? life, a developed biblical piety, the vast treasure of That is the new question that can be seen to emerge sacred music. The ecumenical contribution of this provision should also be appreciated. In a lecture at for the Holy See and for Anglicans with the publication Queen’s College, Canada, in 2010, Cardinal William and implementation of Anglicanorum coetibus. When Levada, former Prefect of the Congregation for the I crossed the threshold of the Church of St Mary the Virgin now well over sixty years ago, I didn’t know Doctrine of the Faith, noted: that it was an Anglican church. Just as well. My \[\\[ۋ]]]\H]X\ H\\'[KYZYYX\YHܙX]\ܚX[HHX\˂وX[Y[\K]\ۙ\ܛH]YHZH\[\H]HH\]\Y[ܚ[[[ۙ\[\X[H]BZH\[\HH^\^H^\Z\[YYˈ[Z\\X[\^\[ۈوZ]ܛ\وܙ܈XZ[H\]Y\Y\[۞H\[\Y\[۞B[]\وH\ۘ[ܙ[\X]BZ\HX[\\\H[[›و\YHو[[[H[[\[ۙ[HX][]H][[[]KBHUHHܙ[\X]Hو\YB[]HH\[H\]X[Y[\[ۚ[\›ق[[[K []X\Kۙۂ]\]K'BQRH[Hو[ 0ŠH[8']H[YYX\Y\\\H[YX8&\’HTP]HXZ\وHX\\\܈\[]X]]\Y\[H[X[[][[ۋ8'H\\\ٙX\وH\ۘ[ܙ[\X]Hو\\]܈X\H\Y\]YY[&\[]\]KX\  L BYHو[[[H[H[YXY[\\H^H^X]܋܂[\\X]K][Hܜ\[H\ۘ[HUHH\YYHو^H\]HBܙ[\X]\\\[HX[\YX[Y[\K\Kܙ[\X]Bق\YBقH[]HوZ][܈HX]\]H[B[[[K[]X\KۙۂQ^\[ۈو]Z] ܙX][HXH\Z[BR[HTP]HXZ\وHX\\\Y[\وHݙ\[H[\[H؜Y]H[܈\\ٙX\وH\ۘ[ܙ[\X]B\\Z[[ۙ\وH^Y\[۝[YBو\YHو[[[H[H[\[[[Z] [X[ܝ[H]X\œYXY[\\H^H^X]܋