The Portal June 2018 - Page 19

THE P RTAL precious jewels, and gold and silver. There is an iron screen both before and behind, with canopy and hangings, beside divers cloths, sticks for candles and offerings of fine account for such a church. The image is most certainly abused with much superstition, many people coming to it from Kilburn and Paddington and the neighbourhood. “Yes, even at our coming there were five folk praying before it, two old men and a woman with a child, and one that had brought an offering of flowers … We did strip the image that we found to be of wood, in colour like ebony, of ancient workmanship, only save the upper part is thoroughly plated with silver.” The image was burned along with those from Walsingham, Ipswich, Caversham, and  Penrhys. Yet, as with other pilgrimage places, the devotion never really died out. June 2018 Page 19 This Pilgrimage, like all those organised by the Ecumenical Marian Pilgrimage Trust, was truly ecumenical. The customs, beliefs and practices of the various denominations taking part were not only respected, but celebrated. As well as Catholics, we had Anglicans, Methodists, Orthodox and Presbyterians. There may well have been others; if there were we apologise for missing them out. Prebendary Norman Wallwork Revd Adam Stevenson The Revd Prebendary Norman Wallwork led us in a lovely meditation on the Mother of God in the Gospel according to St John. Finally, our dear old friend The Revd Canon Stephen Gallagher led us in Sprinkling. There was just time for a welcome cup of tea and more cakes – provided by our hosts – before it was time to go home. It had been a splendid day. One felt sorry for those who were not present. The next pilgrimage organised by the splendid Ecumenical Marian Pilgrimage Trust is to The Irish who were building the railways in the Our Lady of Walsingham from 19th to 22nd March nineteenth century were Catholic. By then persecution 2019. Details will be here in T he P ortal and on the had softened and a priest was sent by the Archbishop Trust’ ́ݕͥєܹյɥɥ)]ѵѕȁѼͅ䁵́ȁѡɅՅ䁽ɜլ)ѡɸ ѡɥ͠ɕ܁ѡɕ͕)ɍɕɕ٥̸́Q ѡ͡ɥ)QAͽ=ɑɥє=ȁ1䁽]ͥ)ݽəհх́5%ͼ)́ѡAɥ͠)Q!=IH=5ML)QIِȁAMݥȁɅѕѥհ)́ѡ ѡɥ͠ɍЁݡȁ5ɬ)]ՙٔ䰁ݡ́Չ͡)QAхѕȁͽݔ)ѕѼхѡAɥ͠Aɥа)Mѕ]̰ݡѽ́ѡɽ՝ѡ)ѽ䁽ѡɕɍ́͡ɥ])ٽѥ́Ѽ=ȁ1䁽]͑ɔ݅)ѡ͡ЁхѼѡ5ѡЁ ɍ!ɔ)ݔչݽəհ́ɽ٥)ѕѼхѡ5ѕȰQIِ19Ѽ) ɔ͕ѥݔɅѕѡյ)==ȁ1䁱ѡIِMѕٕͽ)͡Ёɥ1a ́ѽ́Ѽѡ)ɥ͠ɍݡɔݔݕɔЁѡ ɍ݅ɑ̰)-ѡ]ѕ́Iȁ5Qݕ)ݥѠ͡Ё͍ɥѥѡɍ́ѽ)]ݕɔѼٕɅєѡɔͥѡ)ѡЁ!嵸ѼQ5ѡȁȁ]ՙ)́ݔݥѠѡͥQ́݅)ݽəհ٥Ʌѥ)٥\͡P4ͅ)ɑݥѠѡHHє)=ɑɥє5́ɑ)ݥѠѡ=ɑȁ5)ɽ)٥\͡P4ͅ)ɔ܁م)Aɥ́ՑU,)ٕ䁅ɔ+ āȁͥ+ ̸Ȁ ЁȀ+ ؁Ȁ Ȁ)=ٕ͕́եɥ聕)̹ɑɑɥєɜլ)ȁх)QɑȰ͔͕ȁɕ́ݥѠ)Ք光Ѽ=ɑɥє=1\Ѽ)5́ ɑ̰=ɑɥє=1\(ЁMՅɔ1\)H